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Apr 14, 2009 12:10 PM

Italian Beef along the Red Line

I will be in Chicago next week staying near the red line. Where are the best places to go for italian beef?

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  1. Al's #1 Italian Beef is so good. There is one near UIC on Taylor Street and convenient to public transit.

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      The location of Al's at 1079 W. Taylor Street is nowhere near the CTA Red Line (and it's a good half mile from the nearest el stops on the Blue Line). But the Al's location at 169 W. Ontario is just a couple blocks walk from the Red Line stop at Grand and State.

    2. at the Grand stop you can go east a few blocks to Grand and St. Clair to CND Gyros. it is great! I have been to the standard Portillos and AL's and think I like CND's a tad more. It is actually a corner bar with some Greek food as well. A bartender directed us to it. Make sure and get it dipped with the hot and or sweet peppers. trust me it is good. Here is the address/some info:

      One time we went and there was a belly dancer and a surreal go go dancer. fun times.