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Apr 14, 2009 11:21 AM

Charlotte Recommendations

I am heading down south for a wedding and havent been back to Charlotte, NC is about 4 years. I was wondering if there were any restaurants that I need to try (or any that I might have forgotten about!)


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  1. what did you try and like before?

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    1. re: quazi

      Penguin, Dish, Thai Taste, Fenwick's, Mellow Mushroom, Original Pancake House, Comet's, Eddie's Place

      1. re: quazi

        i forgot il sole and red star tavern!

      2. I like Commonhouse, Lulu, Arpa, Old Hickory House, Thai Taste, Pietown, Dim Sum, Greek Isles to name a few.

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          1. re: kam0424

            Its a pizza place. Excellent pizza. Located Uptown in Gateway Village.


        1. Lulu on Central Ave. is a favorite amongst most who chime in on this site. It's a funky little french/southern resto in an old house. Very laid back vibe. Great mussels and frites, and amazing burger w/ house made pimento cheese spread, fried green tomatoes and jalapeno chutney - yum! I'm thrilled that they are again open for lunch during the week.

          Another favorite of mine is Carpe Diem on Elizabeth. A bit more upscale than Lulu, but a CLT staple for many years. Great seared scallops over an almond and brie risotto. They always have an interesting duck dish.

          Carolinadawg mentioned Greek Isles. I, too, am a fan of this place that serves up traditional Greek fare. Another option would be Ilios Noche on the southern fringe - these guys have a neat little edgy place in the middle of suburbia. The food is fantastic. My favorite is the lamb shank over orzo - lots of spices and very tender. The pizzas are good. Love the wood-grilled octopus.

          Montford Drive is a new, happening place. Andrew Blairs serves up good eats and recently opened Good Food has gotten raves. I'm told the pork buns @ Good Food are comparable to David Chang's at Momofuku in nyc.

          Pio Pio on East Blvd. serves up succulent Peruvian chicken w/ fried plantains and a white sauce and green sauce that are delicious AND cheap.

          Eat well and welcome back!

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          1. re: lynnlato

            Forgot about Pio Pio...its excellent. Also, Alexander Michaels in uptown is a great place.

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              I'm a die hard momofuku fan, so i'll give good food a try. Thanks!

              1. re: kam0424

                Me too. I was just in your neck of the woods and had me some of those Momofuku pork buns at Ssam. I hope you'll report back and tell us where you ate and how it was. Have fun!

            2. High End: Zebra, Fig Tree, Carpe Diem, M5, 300 East
              Middle: Il Posto, Rooster's, Villa Antonio, 131 Main,
              Casual: Mac's, Sultan's, LaWan's, Bill Spoon's, Bojangles