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Leftover ham

I have the bulk of a 10# ham leftover from Easter. I know I am going to make soup with the bone, but I ahve to eat the meat off of it first. What should I make?

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  1. Scalloped potatoes and ham. Use a good recipe for potatoes au gratin or pommes dauphine. Lucky you!!
    Chicken Cordon Bleu

    1. That's never a problem at our house. Ham, green beans, and new potatoes. Ham and asparagus frittata. Scalloped potatoes with ham. Fried rice with ham. Grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. Pinto beans and ham. Mac and cheese with ham. And if all else fails...sliced ham, frozen for later use in sandwiches or to fry for breakfast.

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        oh I might freeze some. Is it too late to freeze some from Easter?

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          Not at all, LaLa. My hams are usually in the refrigerator for about a week before I strip the bone, freeze some, grind some, and then use the bone. This time it's going to be for Cuban black beans: Simmer 4 lb beans with the ham bone, onion, green pepper, canned tomato sauce, salt, bay leaf, and plenty of garlic and comino (ground cumin). Then put about 3/4 of the beans through the Cuisinart and return to pot. This mashing process is a semi-mess but it's essential for getting the right consistency. Freeze in pints or quarts depending on how many people you cook for. You cannot have too much of this stuff on hand. This plus rice plus any known meat or fish makes a good dinner (you spoon the beans over the rice), or you can leave it more liquidy and it's soup, in which case add sherry when you serve it.

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            Sounds wonderful....i am for sure doing this ...thanks!

      2. I'm a huge fan of ham salad sandwiches. Coarsley grind ham in the food processor, mix with mayo and pickle relish, viola! So good. Granted, you can't use up all of the ham with this method, but it's something different :)

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          I was just about to suggest this...only variation is adding enough dried mustard to give it a kick and calling it Deviled Ham. The recipe may have have come from the fifties, but on a good panini bun, it still a hit.

          And then there is always Croque Monsieur with finely sliced ham, good swiss cheese lovingly placed on good, slightly staled French or Italian bread and treated to a brief bath in frothed egg and lightly grilled in a hot pan.

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            You can grind in some fresh onion, too, and serve it on dark rye bread. I don't add anything else to the ham and onion besides mayonnaise, and it's pretty darn good.

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            To krisrishere: "Ground ham" made just as you describe is our favorite too. I wanted to add that I freeze the ground ham au naturel, and then add the mayonnaise and ground pickles (and also some Dijon mustard) after I thaw it. Pack it down really solid in a pint plastic thing and it will stay good in the freezer for weeks.

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              Great idea! Ham salad is such a treat for me because we only eat a ham once or twice a year.

          3. Two things I make lately, since I keep ending up with lots of ham: ham for breakfast made in red eye gravy, and anything Chinese that calls for pork (like lo mein or egg foo yung) if you carmelize it first in a cast iron pan, you'd never even know it's really ham.

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              I have an older cookbook with traditional or so the author claims, recipes. And there are quite a few that call for ham, unlike bbq pork. Here's a couple:
              Ham stewed with chestnuts - w/fresh ginger root, scallions, garlic,
              sherry, brown sugar. cooking it for a couple of ours, simmering... this sound so delicious, next time...and soups..
              cabbage and ham soup
              potato and corn soup with ham- yes in my Chinese Cooking little old book
              Steamed chicken soup
              gosh, I just realized its been a long time since I've cooked any Chinese food... got a craving. It's time.
              Hoisin Sauce is a great baste for Ham by the way...

            2. I just pretend it's bacon! Last night, I cooked some diced onions - and then tossed in some diced ham, then turned it into a bit of a bechamel sauce and threw in some frozen peas and then mixed it with some penne and topped it with parmesan and black pepper.

              1. I believe it was Dorothy Parker who said: What's the definition of "eternity"?
                Two people and a ham.

                I would probably freeze at least a lot of it since unlike turkey, how often do you want to see ham on your plate in the next few days? I would do the same thing w/ dishes such as quiche so you can prolong seeing the ham again.

                Now to try to be helpful, I would slice thinly and fry some eggs on top (w/ cover) and melt swiss cheese on top of the eggs when they're nearly done. That and steamed spinach is a hearty -- and nearly healthy (thanks to the spinach!) -- breakfast.

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                  We did this for breakfast this morning and it was delicious! I've been working on a ham since Christmas (we freeze trimmed slices in 1lb increments). If you have a dog, the "trimmed" off skin can be diced into chunks and kept in the freezer. You'd be amazed at what a dog will do for a bit of that! Besides soup, I like adding diced ham into bean and lentil salads.


                2. Me too. I'm suffering from a wacky sore throat/flu thing and not at all hungry (shocking!) but I will not waste the ham. I'm thinking of this strata: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo... - with less onion and swiss (it's already in the fridge) - I also have leftover asparagus and roasted sweet potatoes... I wish I felt better I'd be whipping up tasty treats. I am still poking around for other ideas that don't involve ham salad or potatoes (just want different flavors)

                  1. I love using leftover ham in carbonara. Totally fabulous

                    1. About five days in, I freeze it. Label as "eating ham" and "cooking ham" - the latter being for beans, etc. Freeze the bone, too. Use my FoodSaver and it works really well.

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                        I also freeze ham. I use the bone in soup using leftover vegetables I throw in a bag in the freezer after meals. Just add tomatoes and cabbage while cooking and it's delicious.

                        I mince it and warm it in the mornings to throw into omelets. I made those yesterday. Cooked a little onion, tossed in the ham to warm, and then put it in the omelets. Now my family wants it everyday....special request again this morning. lol

                        Use it in casseroles or macaroni and cheese. If you have slices, you can glaze with teriyaki sauce and throw on the grill, add some glazed pineapple slices and it's so good.

                        Use in a chef's salad, make ham salad for sandwiches, and more.

                      2. I chop it up in to small pieces wrap it in plastic and freeze. Then when ever I need bacon or pork in something like soup , beans, pasta, eggs, salads etc I just toss it in. It last a long time and it's really great to have on hand if you cook a lot.

                        1. Oh and like another poster I often fry the ham a llittle to crisp it up and to sort of carmelize it.

                          1. I live alone, so often have to buy more ham than is good for a meal or two. But (to repeat and add to the above): besides sandwiches, I like to chop it up into smaller pieces to throw into scrambled eggs, omelets, pea soup, etc. And yes, I freeze the bits, and use them as needed.

                            1. Omelette
                              Croque Monsieurs
                              Ham and cheese croissants (i.e. bake it inside pre-made croissant dough with some comte cheese)

                              1. This subject makes me laugh... because this is always a issue when we were kids.

                                My dad would get LOTS of ham-S for Easter cause it! is! on! sale! and we'll always get stuck with a life time supply of hams. There are ham sandwiches, ham breakfast sandwiches, ham fried rice, ham in soup, ham in quiche, ham as a snack, ham everywhere!

                                by next week, if you are like me, you'll wrap a nicely trimmed hunk of ham and drop it at your best friend's front door, drive away fast and laugh on top of your lungs- just to pass on the misery. mmmuahhahaha~~

                                needless to say, I am afraid of bone in hams, too damn big. They are scary...

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                                  LOL! I am ver happy to hear about this freezing of the ham because before it was ham o rama or hamplooza or whatever wacky name we would give it!

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                                    I like the bone better than the ham.

                                  2. My mother in law makes kind of lardons, not that she ever heard of it...
                                    She cuts the ham in small pieces, about 1/4" cubes. Then she fries them on med until they're all but blackened and pretty much crisped through and through. Sounds terrible, but it grows on you and is pretty good. Serve as you would bacon.

                                    You could use the bone with plenty of meat on it, or just some cubed meat to make French Canadian Pea Soup...real simple; yellow split peas in a pot with water,
                                    ham(bone), 1 chopped onion, 1 diced carrot (for color), simmer, stirring often, until consistency of wallpaper glue. Season w S&P.
                                    I like to crush about 2 dozen crackers into the bowl. Quite good.

                                    1. Awesome post- these are great ideas, thanks for starting it lilmomma! I live alone, but adore a sweet glazed baked ham. Found a great after- Easter sale and am about to be the proud (single) owner of 10 lbs of ham. Can't wait to try the ham salad recipes, have only ever seen it in cans at the gas stations!

                                      Before spotting the great ideas in this post I was just planning on eating thick slices of it in a biscuit sandwich. To be honest, I'm pretty sure about 5 lbs of it will still go towards that goal!

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                                      1. re: mjhals

                                        I also saved the "juice?gelatin? stuff as well. Is that the aspic? Anyway, what do I do with that.

                                        1. re: lilmomma

                                          I add it to my pea soup, which I make with the bone.

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                                            Do not discard. As Coll notes, the gelatin (which indeed can help make an aspic if chilled) is wonderful for soup.

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                                              make gravy, it taste soooo good. Freeze it in small 1 - 2 cup portions for flavorings for soups and vegetables. Like bacon grease, its gold.

                                          2. put a 1/3" slice of ham about the size of your skillet --- on medium/medium high, and then add water enough for 4 servings of grits (plus allowance for evaporation). add in your grits, on top of the ham, and give it a stir, bring to a boil, then reduce heat, cover and cook on medium-low for the time specified.

                                            good for supper, with some pole beans on the side, or breakfast, with a couple of fried eggs.

                                            1. I adore leftover ham, never seem to have enough, and would second all the suggestions on this board, including freezing. There are 3 things I always have to have after Easter -- scalloped potatoes and ham, red beans and rice (from the bone),and jambalaya. The last 2 years I have made an egg dish from Penzey's catalog (just had it last night). Very light and good, and not too fattening. Here is a slightly modified and paraphrased recipe:

                                              Ham and Asparagus Bake (Penzey's)
                                              2 c. fresh asparagus, cut into 1/2-1" pieces
                                              1/2 c. chopped green onion
                                              1 T. butter
                                              2 cups ham, diced into 1/2" pieces
                                              1/2 cup flour
                                              2 cups milk
                                              8 eggs
                                              1/4 c. grated Parmesan Cheese
                                              1/3 t. Kosher salt
                                              3/4 t. dried thyme (or about 1 T fresh)
                                              3/4 t. fresh rosemary, snipped
                                              1 small clove garlic, pressed
                                              1 t. fresh ground black pepper
                                              1/2 c. shredded cheddar (optional)

                                              Preheat oven to 425 F.
                                              Lightly butter 9X13" pyrex baking dish.
                                              Cook asparagus and green onion in butter in a skillet until asparagus is slightly tender.
                                              Put the cubed ham and asparagus mixture into the prepared baking dish.
                                              In a medium large bowl, whisk a small amount of milk into the flour to form a smooth paste. Whisk in the remaining milk, eggs, Parmesan cheese, salt, herbs, garlic, and pepper.
                                              Carefully pour into the baking dish, distributing the seasoning evenly.
                                              Bake uncovered for 30 -35 minutes until a knife inserted into the middle comes out clean. It will puff up like a souffle. Top with the shredded cheddar if desired, return to the oven for 3-5 minutes until cheese is melted. Let set a few minutes before cutting and serving.