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Apr 14, 2009 11:09 AM


has anyone gone recently, and if so what are their thoughts? Is is comparable to BIX or Bacar?

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  1. Went to Zinnia about a month ago. I thought it was good but not great. The hits were Foie gras mushroom rigatoni which was a Myth signature dish. The rabbit main course was also excellent. The dessert was also very good a mango kaffir lime custard, I think?The crab cake appetizer not so good just bland. Service was slow and stressed out, the bread was terrible. The room is nice but it was empty on a Thursday night. The economy? I thought it would have more energy and buzz in the room but it was somehow sterile. Bix last time I was there has a great speakeasy vibe. There is live jazz and a jumping bar scene that fill the place up. Zinnia's food is more creative with ingredients and presentation. Bix is definitely the more lively atmosphere. Have not been to Bacar.

    1. I went during the opening weeks. Everything we had was quite good and they had a good cocktail program as well. It's a lot like the old Myth if you ever went there (same chef). The food is better than Bacar.

      1. Last time I was there the food was mediocre compared to Myth. Many of the same items but the execution was more hit and miss. The scallops were not as good, the mains lacked color and some parts of the dishes undercooked.

        The service was horrible. Long waits between courses, server never checked back, etc.

        The bathroom needed to be cleaned.

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          500 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA 94133

          1. Eater reports that it's closing, last day is New Year's Eve.

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              Bummer! I really love their sweetbreads and their black cod. Definitely my favorite black cod dish in SF, and better than the Terra/Ame version.