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Apr 14, 2009 10:49 AM

So Carl Fresh-Fish Tacos in El Sereno

I keep passing this place and haven't gotten a chance to try it. It's right next to "Tast of Brazil" on Huntington Drive. I haven't been able to read any reviews on it-if I've missed a thread started on this already, can you pass the information over to me?

It's in a bright yellow building with a huge sign that reads "Fish Tacos" downwards. It would be great if I could get my fish taco fix there and not have to drive to Tacos Baja Ensenada.

Oh yeah-quickly glancing over to the place as I'm passing it, they say they deliver too!

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  1. Whoa! Haven't noticed this place......must be new........will check it out this wknd.

    I have tried the Mariscos truck that parks on Huntington Dr., 1 1/2 blocks before you hit Poplar St. ..........pretty good.......can't beat it for the location and price.......
    I ordered a shrimp cocktail, a fish taco, a shrimp taco and 2 fish ceviche tostadas.....came out to 13 or 14 bucks.........everything was very decent and the cocktail was loaded w/shrimp.......
    Not sure of its days/hours etc.............but it is usually there when I pass by.

    1. Okay-I just tried this place. Overall-good, at least good enough to satisfy a craving for a shrimp taco when I don't feel like driving all the way to Tacos Baja Ensenada.

      So this place is on 4836 Huntington Drive SOUTH. It's right between A Taste of Brazil and 1st Nutrition. Parking's not the best, you'll have to find street parking.

      My first impression when I walked in was, "Wow!" It was so clean and white. Well the walls were green, but the huge white tile floors made it feel like an apple store. The girl at the reguster was really nice. I asked a million questions and she was really informative. She told me they opened up about a month ago. They get a lot of repeat business and she could not stop raving about the burgers. Dammit-I was all about fish tacos tonight, the burgers would have to wait until next time.

      I should mention that the burger patties aren't frozen, at least that's what the sign says. It's actually pretty cheap. A combo meal will run you like $5, but the burger alone is about $3. You options are a regular burger, cheese, chili, or bacon and avocado. Pretty basic.

      Now for what I had tonight. Mr. Tums and I had:
      Shrimp Taco and Fish Taco Plate-The rice SO GOOD. Now, just because I start off with the rice, that doesn't mean the tacos blew. The batter was okay-they offered to put everything onto the side for me since I was taking it to go, but I told them to throw it on-so I can't judge the crispiness fairly. The creme sauce they use is pretty good. I tend to like mine a tad sweet and this one was a lime base. But good. Fish not dry at all and the tacos seemed REALLY big to me. They don't add the pico de gallo, you have to get it at the salsa bar. $5.75-I think?

      Shrimp Burrito-Mr. Tums said it was good. The girl at the register asked me if I wanted the pico de gallo in it (she said it would taste better) so of course I said yes. The burrito was big. $5-I think?

      Taquitos-These were actually flautus. They were good and big. But they don't add guac-which is okay, since the salsa bar has that guac/green salsa. $3.50

      Mulitas-I had never heard of these, but basically it's two street taco size tortillas and in the middle is your choice of meat (asada, al pastor, chorizo, and chicken) with cheese, cilanto, and onion. So it's like a mini taco/sandwich. I actually really liked it-I got mine with Al Pastor. I am by no means close to a al pastor expert, I'll leave that to Wildswede, but I thought it was good. $2.25

      I guess they're known for their wings too, but she said it would take a little longer, so I figured I'd try that the next time when I get a burger. The wings come in BBQ, spicy BBQ, or fire. $6.50 (Wing King Combo) will get you 8 pieces, fries, and a soda. $5.99 (bucket) will get you 12 pieces. $17.99 (Family) will get you 30 pieces, 3 sodas, and a basket of fries.

      A few other things they have on the menu-
      A chicken salad $5.25
      Hot Dogs-chili and wrapped in bacon. Between $5.50-$5.99
      Sopes-The girl at the register said they were good. I LOVE SOPES, but tonight was about the fish tacos. $2.50
      Quesadillas $4.50
      Tortas-$4.50 combo with fries and drink $6.25
      Chili Fries-small $2.75 large $3.75

      It says on the menu they have aguas frescas, but I only saw horchata there. So maybe they rotate one flavor? Unless horchata is not technically aguas frescas.

      Like I mentioned before they deliver, with a $20 minimum. In my area the only place that delivers (besides pizza hut and Dominoe's) is a thai place down the street. So this is nice.

      Overall, I like this place and would like to see it do well. It's a simple menu, but I'd say worth a trip if you're in the area (or even in Pasadena or SGV) and are not sure what to eat, since the menu has enough variety.

      I think they take plastic-because I don't recall seeing any "cash only" signs. They have a high chair-so kid friendly and about 3 or 4 tables set up inside.

      In case you don't know this area too well-it's not on the main Huntington street, there's another "huntington" side street that runs parallel to the main one. If you're going east on Huntington and you see the AM/PM you just passed it.

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      1. re: bigtums

        Very fine report........gonna have to check this out very soon........2 minutes from my house!

        1. re: bigtums

          where's that cornmeal dusted pizza joint, Zelo's in realtiion to the cal fresh fish taco joint?

          1. re: kevin

            I haven't been to Zelo's. But looking on the map, Zelo's is in Arcadia and So Cal Fresh is in El Sereno/Los Angeles. Hope that helps.

        2. It's called So CAL Fresh, not So CaRl fresh.

          Enjoy! Let me know what you think!

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          1. re: bigtums

            FYI - They are closed on Mondays!
            I was all set....drove up.......closed...............
            Went to La Playita on Broadway taco, shrimp taco and shrimp cocktail.........not as good as I remember.....

            1. re: slowrider

              I'm sorry about that. I could have sworn I asked her if they were open 7 days a week and she said yes. Hope you get a chance to make it down there.

              1. re: bigtums

                Checked it out last night......

                Torta Asada - Good - bread nicely toasted - bread was roundish, not like a bolillo they normally come on....
                Mulita Asada - Very good - though small......
                Taco Asada - Good - Meat nicely seasoned - good - small as well...
                Fish Taco - Good - was expecting a little better.....
                Shrimp Taco - Good - was expecting a little better......
                Chili Dog - Good - bun was toasted nicely - chili a little sweet for my taste though..
                Chili Fries - Good - fries nice and crispy - again - chili a little sweet....

                Salsa bar........the guacamole/green is really good!!!!
                the rest were average........

                Total was 17 and change.......

                Nice and clean inside w/friendly service.

                It's also nice that they deliver w/a 20 dollar minimum........nice option from the pizza norm.......

                I did get it to maybe the fish and shrimp tacos lost a little something in the drive home......only 2 minutes away.......but by the time I got to them, it had probably been fifteen minutes......

                I will definitely go back to eat there............need to also try the burger and their pastor to see how they size up........

                They have quite an eclectic menu for a place whose sign outside says So. Cal Fresh Fish Tacos.

                1. re: slowrider

                  I'm glad to hear the fries are good. I think I might like the chili, because I like my spaghetti with ketchup (nice and sweet).

                  I think it's funny too that they have that huge fish taco sign and on the menu they mostly promote their tacos and burgers.

                  The problem I have with the fish and shrimp tacos is the creme they put on it. It's has a little too much lime in it for me, but that's just personal preference.

                  Otherwise, I like this place because in this area it's nice to have something new and good.

                  Looks like you tried everything but the burger, pastor, and wings. Excellent report!