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Apr 14, 2009 10:21 AM

Gruene Texas

Had another great meal at Gruene River Grill- the awesome Jalepeno Corn Chowder- I make the trip just for this. The waiter told us they have to sign a contract that they will never disclose the recipe or face prosecution and termination. But it sure is good. Also had gorgonzola filet and redfish. Had a great table on the back patio overlooking the water and nice bottle of malbec.

Also tried Gruene Onion for brunch the next day. I really liked this place and want to go back after 5pm for the chef's specials. I had the pecan crusted chicken with a creamy dijon sauce, perfectly grilled veggies and rice pilaf. BF had Texas Eggs Benedict (over a croissant instead of english muffins) with a TON of breakfast potatoes and a small fruit cup.

They bring you biscuits and homemade donuts to start.

They have a martini bar next door and several specials on drinks certain days of the week.

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  1. Gruene Texas is a magical little town-one of my favorite places in the entire world. My husband and I were married in the Texas Hill Country in Sept. 2007 and we had our rehearsal dinner at The Gristmill-another great dining option in Gruene-beautiful views of the Guadalupe River, amazing ribs. Try Janie's Table for a quick bite-really good for a quick meal. We also love the Grapevine Wine Shop and the Gruene Haus Gourmet Food store. We are looking forward to our trip down there in May :)

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      Went there in November around Thanksgiving time with my sister and her fiance Ross,when they came down from NY. We ate at the GristMill which was very good, and stopped in and bought some wine at The Grapevine Wine Shop.
      We didn't go to the Gruene Haus Gourmet Food Store. Where is it exactly in Gruene?For my vacation, I probably will just stay here around the San Antonio area and Gruene is one of the places I plan to hit, since New Braunfels is only 12 miles from Schertz, and not too much farther is Gruene.Will have to try the Gruene Onion and the Gruene River Grill.
      We took Ross to Landa Park, and around New Braunfels and then to Gruene.He really liked it. Will also have to try Janie's Table too.

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        The Gruene Haus Gormet Store is located on the right side of the GristMill-it is housed in that tiny antique cottage next to the Gristmill. I've heard Liberty Bistro in downtown New Braunfels is really good-I must try that soon. Also check out Naeglin's bakery in Downtown New Braunfels-the best "Chocolate Cream Puffs" in the world.

        If you are visiting the Texas Hill Country-take some time and explore Wimberley Texas-it is a beautiful little village with some eclectic shops and breath taking landscapes. They have some great vacation rentals there too-private cabins to full-scale vacation homes :)

    2. I really like his pecan crusted chicken with creamy dijon sauce! And his Tomato Basil soup is devine.