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Apr 14, 2009 09:58 AM

I - 95 SC,NC,VA

Making the infamous trek North on I-95 and looking for new,good spots to enjoy unique,regional home cooking. Have done this drive for a number of years and have enjoyed GA Pig,Parkers in Wilson, etc but was hoping to find some new,good quality places to eat.Leaving I-95 in Fredericksburg to go west to hit I-81 in Winchester,
Many thanks !

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  1. Find anything good? im going md to sc in a few days, need some suggestions

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    1. re: photographicality

      This is literally the most frequently asked question on the South board (about 2 threads per month). Please do a search for "I-95" here and you'll come up with about two dozen options that have been meticulously covered with love and tender care. No need to reinvent a perfect wheel.

      1. re: photographicality

        Fuller's BBQ in Lumberton, NC is a great place. Despite the name, the bbq is only ok; they offer a huge buffet of southern-style food...fried hicken (excellent), literally dozens of sides, vegetables, desserts, etc, etc. Its right off I-95.

      2. Buz & Ned's barbeque off exit 78 (N. Boulavard) on I95 in Richmond, VA.