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Apr 14, 2009 09:55 AM

Opinions on 'Korfez'?

I will be going to Istanbul with my husband in Spetember. He often goes for work and really enjoyed Korfez and want to take me there. What are your opinions? Is this a nice place? How is the food (most importantly!).

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  1. the korfez experience is fabulous. a private boat picks you up from the European side and takes you over to the restaurant's dock in a small quiet inlet.
    hopefully you'll sit outside by the water. the restaurant itself is pretty kitschy with the nautical theme. what's worse is theyre not being ironic. they think the porthole windows and exhibition of rope knots its pretty classy.
    luckily the chef knows his biz better than the interior designer did. the meze are really top shelf. no surprises on this menu. more or less this is the same food you'll find in most fish restaurants but it is really much better at korfez. i seem to recall excellent balik kofte (ground fish patties) and grilled octopus so soft...
    the flaming sea bass in salt is the big korfez gimic. its tasty but i dont care for the rich, salty sauce they spread all over my wonderful EXPENSIVE sea bass. why not get a grilled fish and let them save the their Greektown flaming fish theatrics for another table.
    overall it is one of the most intimate, special meals in Istanbul. for fancy formal fish its about as good as it gets.
    for something fun and a bit experimental try Abracadabra. here's a review:

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      Thank you so much Antman. That is what I was hoping to hear. DH has been with colleagues and you never what is just for tourists and what is not. I will make sure we sit outside--shouldn't be a problem in September. DH like the salted sea bass but the balik kofte sounds more up my alley.

      Thank you again

    2. ewery one looking for a good rstaurant in Istanbul at first should answer the question: "do you want to eat table or food". Thisi is not my sentence. answers mean: If you prefer table, then it is a case that you are not too much interested with food. and location, ambience, scene is more important . Mostly, regarding the prices, restaurantns in Bosphorus are mostly table serving ones. And their main foods are sea food -fish-.

      If this will be your first wisit to Istanbul, why not try characteristic turkish cuisine... Borsa Lokantasi /Lutfi Kirdar (near taksim), can be a good choice., or you can try other places. e.g. Haci Salih, Asitane, But if you want a memoral night of course a place in bosphorus is a good decision.

      1. i am very sad to report that Korfez is closing down on july 22, 2009. The building was sold and the restaurant currently has no firm plans for relocating. That torpedoes my anniversary standby reservation.
        if i were you i'd move the trip up a couple of months so you can get to Korfez before it closes.