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Good drink/dinner spots near 14th between 5th & 6th?

A couple of friends & I have a weekly class on 15th between 5th & 6th and I was wondering what places folks on here like in that vicinity - drinks & dinner under $40 at 8pm-ish, somewhere fun & not dead/stuffy on a weeknight!

All the places I can think of are either too far west or east or up or down... hoping for some suggestions withing a few blocks of there since the weather is still not nice enough to wander much further when we're hungry and thirsty!!!

Last week we went to Sala 19 and ate at the bar (Boqueria was stuffed to the gills even on a Wednesday...) - which worked out well enough.


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      Irving Mill, Casa Mono, Japonais has tasting hour ALL night now. ($7 appetizers and $4.00 drinks)

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        I totally second Casa Mono AND Bar Jamon - they are both great options

    2. la carbonara just opened on 14th & 7th. el cantinero is on 12th & university for cheap fun mexican. chat n chew.

        1. I think you've gotten some good recommendations, so I'll just add the comment that Laut is on 17th between Union Square West and 5th. I haven't had any drinks there, so I can't comment about them, but I did like a Malaysian meal I had there.

          1. Thank you! 10 weeks of classes, so these are great options, hope to try many of them. Any more ideas westward?

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            1. Da Andrea on 13th street b/t 5th and 6th ave is GREAT!!! Cute neighborhood restaurant with good Italian (homemade pastas, etc), very reasonably priced food and wine.

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                How is the new location? Loved the old one, haven't been here yet.

              2. SO FAR:
                - Sala 19 (not my favourite tapas in NY, but does the job and is in the right vicinity, plus they are always nice even when crowded, and accomodating - can't say the same of Boqueria)
                - Crispo - first visit; delicious! However, when we specifically asked the server (who was lovely) if we had overordered (antipasti, two appetizers, two half pasta portions, and a main for 3 hungry people), he said no - we were full before the pastas or main arrived, and then he said he *thought* we had ordered too much... hmm. Anyway, the food was great, I'll be back (noisiness notwithstanding).

                Next week... maybe Laut. Though so far, we are blowing well past the $40 budget we set...