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Apr 14, 2009 09:47 AM

Any good deli's in Silicon Valley

When I lived in RWC, there were a few hole-in-the-wall storfront delis where I could get great sandwiches made to order. Real meats, italan salame, pastrami, home-made fresh salads. In Mountain View, i have not yet found that litlle Italian deli, or better yet that kosher deli that I just know will have exactly what I want.... even if I didn't know what I wanted.

Any suggestions for GOOD delis (not Safeway/Nob Hill delis) in Mtn View area.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


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  1. Dittmer's has a lot of choices. I hope they will have what you will like ... even if you didn't know you wanted it. Picnic tables on their patio give you an eat-there option (no view, parking lot and tire store ambiance).

    Dittmer's Gourmet Meats
    400 San Antonio Rd Ste 4, Mountain View, CA 94040

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        I've only had the daily sausage specials at Dittmers, which have been pretty good. But the bread I find lacking. What are your favorite sandwich options, and bread if any?

        1. re: DezzerSF

          I have to admit I love the dutch crunch (it's a guilty pleasure). I really enjoy the liverwurst, or the roast beef with avacado, I also like the salami. The daily sausage are always good but I never find myself ordering them just eating the samples on the counter tops. I also never seem to be able to leave without a smooked ham hock or bacon or frankfurter or touristenwurst or........... got to stop before I drool and short out my keyboard.

      2. Depending on which side of MV you're on, have you tried the Polish deli one block off California in PA?

        1. There's the Italian Deli in downtown Los Altos, but I can't say how it is because it's been a number of years since I last went there.

          1. What's everyone think of Ace of Sandwiches in PA? Huge menu and Boar's Head meats.