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Any good deli's in Silicon Valley

JoJoCA Apr 14, 2009 09:47 AM

When I lived in RWC, there were a few hole-in-the-wall storfront delis where I could get great sandwiches made to order. Real meats, italan salame, pastrami, home-made fresh salads. In Mountain View, i have not yet found that litlle Italian deli, or better yet that kosher deli that I just know will have exactly what I want.... even if I didn't know what I wanted.

Any suggestions for GOOD delis (not Safeway/Nob Hill delis) in Mtn View area.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


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  1. anyhow RE: JoJoCA Apr 14, 2009 10:15 AM

    Dittmer's has a lot of choices. I hope they will have what you will like ... even if you didn't know you wanted it. Picnic tables on their patio give you an eat-there option (no view, parking lot and tire store ambiance).

    Dittmer's Gourmet Meats
    400 San Antonio Rd Ste 4, Mountain View, CA 94040

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      baybritta RE: anyhow Apr 14, 2009 09:50 PM

      I second Dittmers

      1. re: anyhow
        DezzerSF RE: anyhow Apr 14, 2009 10:26 PM

        I've only had the daily sausage specials at Dittmers, which have been pretty good. But the bread I find lacking. What are your favorite sandwich options, and bread if any?

        1. re: DezzerSF
          baybritta RE: DezzerSF Apr 14, 2009 10:42 PM

          I have to admit I love the dutch crunch (it's a guilty pleasure). I really enjoy the liverwurst, or the roast beef with avacado, I also like the salami. The daily sausage are always good but I never find myself ordering them just eating the samples on the counter tops. I also never seem to be able to leave without a smooked ham hock or bacon or frankfurter or touristenwurst or........... got to stop before I drool and short out my keyboard.

      2. bbulkow RE: JoJoCA Apr 14, 2009 10:21 AM

        Depending on which side of MV you're on, have you tried the Polish deli one block off California in PA?

        1. h
          Humbucker RE: JoJoCA Apr 14, 2009 09:43 PM

          There's the Italian Deli in downtown Los Altos, but I can't say how it is because it's been a number of years since I last went there.

          1. DezzerSF RE: JoJoCA Apr 14, 2009 10:28 PM

            What's everyone think of Ace of Sandwiches in PA? Huge menu and Boar's Head meats.

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