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Ice Cream Sundae

I'm looking for a restaurant that makes a really good ice cream sundae. I'm open to all price levels and locations. Any ideas?

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        Dylan's Candy bar is a trendy spot - there is also the milk bar on 13th between 2nd and 3rd... not sure if they have sundae's per-se, but they have a lot of specular iced-milk treats...

      2. A great sundae is truly something best concocted at home: take your favorite ice cream(s), add your favorite sauces/fruits/nuts, and enjoy. Honestly, you can get a much better sundae than I've found at 90% of restaurants that serve them, and for a fraction of the inflated price they charge. Keep some sauce (hot fudge, caramel, etc.) and a bag of nuts on hand (walnuts, peanuts, both) and you can have great sundaes on a whim. My favorite is french vanilla ice cream with hot fudge and lots of peanuts,and real whipped cream. Many restaurants don't even offer peanuts on their sundaes.

        1. I have always loved Juniors Mile High Sundaes. Times Sq, Brooklyn or Grand Central Station

          1. Get the Olive Oil Copetta at Otto! It's not traditional but its the best!

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            1. Agree w/Otto. The Smith makes some good ones. My favorites are at Shake Shack.
              Not at a restaurant, but Chickalicious Club makes a great sundae.

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                Chickalicious was on my list too, but I wasn't sure of their menu. Thanks!

              2. The ones at Blue Ribbon Bakery looked outrageous but I've never tried...would be interested if anyone has.

                1. Its been a while since I ordered it but I still remember the hot fudge sundae at pearl oyster bar being really really good.

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                    I love their praline/butterscotch one.

                  2. The Noho Star makes a very good one.