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Apr 14, 2009 09:17 AM

Food at Latrobes

My fiance and I just reserved Latrobe's on Royal for our wedding reception. I am looking for any reviews on the food at the venue. Were there any items that were amazing and a must have, any thing kinda fall flat?

We really like that they had a chef on staff that can create a unqiue menu for our wedding. I am just trying to gage from some readers past experiences what was good.

The chef also owns the resturant Bouche (I think that what its called) So any comments on that resturant are gladly received as well.

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  1. Not familiar with Bouche at all, and a google search turns up nothing. Never been to an event at Latrobe's, nor have I talked to anyone who has. Give us the chef's name or the name of his restaurant, and we'll be better able to help you. I looked for a chef on the website, and they don't have one listed - that I could find anyway.

    1. I recently went to a wedding reception there and it was a really nice venue, however, I can't really help you with the chef on staff as this reception was catered by Cuvee and a few other select outsiders.

      I'll be going to another one there in a month though so I may be able to provide more insight then...


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        That's what I was thinking. Might be best to bring in an outside caterer. Check out Joel Catering if you're interested in doing that.

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          I don't believe you can bring in anybody anymore. The wedding we went to was the in-house caterer and when I talked to them about hosting my vow renewal they told me you could only use their caterer. Fine by me though.

          The food is great. Not just good wedding food either, just great food no matter what. I loved their fried oysters, I seem to remember a passed app that was chipotle pulled pork on a mini corn muffin. It was yummy. The wedding we went to was a buffet/station set up, so I tried a lot! The gumbo and red beans were great. They had a yummy crawfish pasta dish at one station.

          Totally just saw that this was from last year! Sorry!!

      2. I looked up the name of the resturant it is Boucherie! I have read some reviews on this sight and sounds promising.

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          Cool. I've written several nice reviews of Boucherie. You're in good hands if his catering grub is anything like the restaurant's.

        2. I too went to a wedding at Latrobe catered by Cuvee. Top notch...

          1. Okay, I went to another wedding at Latrobe's last weekend catered by the inhouse crew. Everything was very good, including:
            -passed apps (fried oysters, crab meat, etc.)
            - chicken and sausage gumbo (one of the meatiest I have ever seen)
            - carving station was whole filet cooked perfectly served with mini ciabattas and a gravy, see photo)
            - the mashed potato bar was a huge hit, primarily because they had a bowl of diced thick cut "praline style" bacon to sprinkle across the martini glass of mashed potato
            - shrimp and andouille pasta

            Mysteriously, I also saw a fellow come out of the back with a Cochon jacket on...