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Apr 14, 2009 09:06 AM

Help a New Yorker coming to Vancouver

Help! My boyfriend and I are heading to Vancouver next week. I have reservations currently at Ten01, Beast, C, Blue Water Cafe and Bishops. I think I want to add Le Pigeon to the mix, but if I do, I need to cancel one of the others. Thoughts? Any missteps?

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  1. I think you need to clarify which Vancouver you're talking about - some of the restaurants you listed (Ten01, Le Pigeon) are in Portland, OR (adjacent to Vancouver, WA), others (Blue Water Cafe, C) are in Vancouver, BC, which is 300 miles to the North.

    If you're looking for recommendations for the latter, you'll want to ask over on the Western Canada board.

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      Yes indeed...food1011 get it clarified quickly. The two Vancouvers are nearly a full day's drive apart.

      The Vancouver BC Board is here:

    2. If you are talking about Vancouver USA, could you clarify how many dinners and lunches you are talking about. Ten01 is great for lunch as well as dinner, and Beast does a Sunday brunch, so you might be able to double up on some days if you're not doing that already.