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Apr 14, 2009 08:50 AM

Inexpensive Dinner in West Village

Meeting a friend for dinner in the West Village/Greenwich Ville area and wanna go somewhere we can sit-down, but not spend a boatload. feeling the tax pinch... any suggestions? I've been to Pepe Verde and Tartine a bunch, so anything else you like?

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      Any cuisine really, other than maybe Chinese, had that yesterday. Aiming for around $20 per person, tops

      1. re: AndyDoodle

        Check out: Malatesta Trattoria, Corner Bistro, Grey Dog, good, Rare Bar & Grill

        1. re: AndyDoodle

          Arturo's for pizza. Rhong Tiam for Thai. Grand Sichuan (I know you said you had that yesterday, but to me Chinese food is good enough to have every day :).

      2. I recently tried Spunto on Carmine and it was great! Affordable, big portions, nice place.

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        1. re: mcjays

          Westville is very good. Casual but the food is solid. There is also a deal at Smith restaurant in West Village for a whole roasted chicken for 2 people for $35. Includes side of veggies and polenta. I also saw that La Carbonara has very reasonable menu.

        2. I go to Marumi all the time. It's a small Japanese place on La Guardia. The sushi is just ok, but I really like their udon noodles. It's really well-priced...always less than $20 pp.

          1. we've been back to going to LA PALETTE lately. good crepes, decent salads & brazilian food.

            1. I think Malatesta is inexpensive, with good Italian food, too.