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Apr 14, 2009 08:29 AM

Too many reservations...please help!!

I have lunch/brunch reservations at the following restaurants:
inoteca ( the new one )
Union Square cafe
Fve Points
Bouqueria ( no reservations but it's on the list)
Unfortunately we can only make it to 4 of them so I could use some help paring down my list.
Also wanted to do the tavern at Gramercy Tavern but figure the wait is probably too long for us.
Dinner plans were easier and have booked Lupa, Aquagrill, Barbuto, and the Harrison.

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  1. 'inoteca is my favorite on your list, but i feel like it's more of a night time place...could you make it a pre- or post- dinner spot?

    Five Points is a brunch place...if you don't have a weekend reservation, I would probably say you can take that one out.

    USC seems more dinner, too. Maybe someone else can speak of the lunch. In general, I feel like you have way too much American going on. If Boqueria is as far ethnic as you got, there's an issue, since that's not even real Spanish food they serve.

    Based on quality, I'd probably take out Boqueria first because their food is so hit or miss, but because you have no other country but the U.S. (and Italy) represented, I might leave it in just for some hint of variety and instead take out Nougatine or Apiary (unless you have F.P. on a weekday...then remove that first).

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    1. re: kim e

      I would also change inoteca around unless you have a specific morning craving for truffled egg toast. Their menu is definitely more lunchy than brunch.

      For Five Points, are you going for brunch or lunch? Their weekend brunch is quite good, I'd keep that one if you are going on a Saturday or Sunday.

      For Union Square Cafe, they don't really have that much breakfasty stuff on their menu on the weekends.

      1. re: kathryn

        Sorry, should have been a bit clearer. Inoteca is for a late lunch, Nougatine is for PF pre theater lunch, Five Points and Apiary are both for brunch. I picked Boqueria for lunch because it was the only tapas place with a full bar. If you know of any others please let me know.We are more a lunch than brunch group.
        I agree I seem to have ended up with t.oo much American. Would love a french bistro brunch suggestion. Open to any cuisine except Chinese and mexican and would welcome any helpng in a more balanced selection!

        1. re: trishottawa

          Re: French bistro brunch. I would highly recommend Bar Breton, on 5th Av., b/t 28th & 29th Sts. Excellent brunch, including their specialty, delicious galettes. Full bar. Friendly service. Attractive ambiance.

          Bread Bar at Tabla serves tasty Indian cuisine. Small and larger plates. Lunch is served seven days a week. Very attractive interior. Weather permitting, there's a very nice outdoor covered patio facing Madison Square Park. They accept reservations.

          1. re: RGR

            thanks RGR, the menu at tabla looks I just have to decide which other choice to give up!

    2. Definitely do USC for lunch. It's my favorite time of day to go there! I also really enjoy Five Points for lunch, especially on a nice day at one of the outdoor tables.

      1. When deciding about brunch in particular, I think the question of what kind of a menu you prefer is an important one. My husband and I don't care for breakfast foods, so when we do "brunch," we either choose a restaurant which has only a lunch menu, or a place that at least offers a selection of lunch-style dishes that appeals to us. If you prefer breakfast foods, that should be factored into your decision.

        We've not been to any of those on your list for lunch or brunch, but we have been to Apiary and USC for dinner. I like the food at both, and I would be happy choosing USC for lunch/brunch or Apiary for brunch (they don't serve midweek lunch).

        Though we have not been to the others at all, I would definitely choose Nougatine because we have been to Jean Georges, and I'm interested in making a comparison between them. And 'inoteca because the menu appeals to me.