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Baltimore Crabs

I have done some searches - but was hoping for a new updated fresh thread.

In July , a group of 6 looking for a fun, outdoor (or outdoor feel) place we can get crabs in Baltimore.

Basically looking for beers, crabs and tables with paper and some mallets.

Reservations would be great, but authentic MD crab place only - casual with some great crabs.

Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. In Baltimore, I would suggest Canton Dockside for sure.

    More towards Annapolis, I would suggest Cantler's or Mike's.

    Canton Dockside is a fairly newer place but it has the biggest tastiest crabs around....the other two are more "authentic". Everything I listed has outdoor seating with cold pitchers of beer.

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      I have been to Canton Dockside a handfull of times and find their crabs to be pretty inconsistant. I would suggest Bill's Terrace Inn in Essex, only indoor seating but it's the real deal. Also, The Sue Island Dock Bar at the Baltimore Yacht Club has outdoor seating and crabs.

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        Not sure how the crabs are, but Nick's Fish House is on the water, and always a fun place to drink/eat outdoors.

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          they are reheated, light and overpriced. The only thing Nicks is good for is to sit and have a few drinks by the water, the food is not very good crabs included.

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          That's a shame, I've been to Canton dockside well over a dozen times and the crabs have been great every single time....I only order the jumbos though, so that may be where the inconsistency is. I even get my takeout bushels from there for parties.

      2. When in a harbor town and hankering for crabs ... forget the view! (they don;t need to serve good food, the view is the thing) I'd suggest instead LP Steamers on Fort ave in S. Baltimore. www.LPSteamers.com. It's a little funky and a whole lot Baltimore! Drive down the road a ways and see Ft McHenry and salute the Star Spangeled Banner!

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          I've heard rather mixed reports about the quality of the crabs at LP Steamers.

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            I used to live about three doors down from there and it is not the cleanest place, that's for sure. The crabs are just okay and all the other "seafood" is frozen and overpriced.

            I am not really sure how LP Steamers is actually still in business.

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              I would stear clear of LP Steamers, not good IMHO.

        2. Captain James Crab House off Boston St. near Canton should fit the bill for atmosphere. I have never had the crabs, so maybe someone else can speak to that, but I have heard decent things.

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            We are staying in Fells Point, so it should be walking or short cab to destination.

            Thanks for all the great ideas. Seem like Canton Dockside would be good - is it a short cab?

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              You could walk to Captain James Landing from Fells Point. Canton Dockside would be a short cab ride.

              There's a newish place right in Fells Point called Riptide By The Bay that has crabs, but I don't know if they're any good or not.

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                The one second-hand report I got on Riptide was from somebody who was not from Baltimore, (in town for the day, last fall) and said the crabs were light, and the other food was just ok. I think it's the only place in Fells Point that serves steamed crabs, so it may be better than nothing if you are there and can't get anywhere else. They're touting their crabs as Maryland crabs only.

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                It's a very short cab ride or you can take the water taxi...ride all day long for like $7.00, it takes you all along the harbor.

            2. If you want a real crab house you have to leave Baltimore city. Mr. Bills Terrace Inn is probably the best. (on Eastern Ave. Middlesex)

              1. What's the consensus (is that askign too much) on Bo Brooks'? And, how far a cab ride from the Inner Harbor is Mr. Bill's?

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                  Would like to know about Bo Brooks - looks a little expensive.

                  How is Canton Dockside?

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                    Bo's was great. Sat by the water. Not too expensive.

                    Try the onion rings.

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                      Glad it worked out!!!
                      Thx for give us your opinion....helps when others ask!!!

                2. Mike's in Annapolis is the best place to eat crabs in Maryland (besides the Eastern Shore). Just make sure that you are getting MD crabs and not gulf crabs. Almost every crab house that I've been to have been serving Gulf crabs since before 2006. They will charge extra for them so be ready.

                  1. Bo Brook's crabs used to be great but they have gone way downhill. Light and reheated again and again to the point of overkill. I think they don't even care about the quality of the product anymore. It's all about squeezing every last dime out of those crabs. Speaking on that subject, where else would you go pay $40.00 to have a reheated meal? Nowhere. But crab places do it all the time. Have only been to Canton Dockside once and thought the crabs were pretty good. You might just get lucky and they'll be great. I'd say that's your best bet for the area.

                    Bo Brooks Restaurant
                    2701 Boston St, Baltimore, MD 21201

                    Canton Dockside
                    3301 Boston St, Baltimore, MD 21224

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                      I think the OP "has done been and gone" this is over a year old.!