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Apr 14, 2009 07:12 AM

Best Breakfast in Brooklyn

I'm making the trek across the bridge Thursday. I will go to any neighborhood.

I want the best breakfast - not fanciest, but the best. A place I can go and enjoy the food, get a great cup of coffee (or 3), read the paper (the real paper, not on a Kindle) and really feel I'm in Brooklyn having breakfast.

Is it Egg in Williamsburg?
Juniors in (I know it's on Flatbush Ave, but no idea what "neighborhood" it is - not that it matters)

Somewhere in Red Hook? Graves End? Coney Island?

Feed me!!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I'm not sure where you should go, but I know for sure where not to go . . . Junior's!!! I've heard very good comments about Egg.

      1. Tom's on Washington Avenue in Prospect Heights.

        1. Tom's has a very relaxing atmosphere and five star service but their food is pretty subpar and a tad pricey. Egg on the other hand, except for their biscuit & gravy, and bacon has great food (especially coffee), but IMO you feel rushed. Junior's isn't bad for breakfast. In fact it's the only thing they make right. You might want to try 7th Avenue Donuts on 9th Street and 7th Ave. The food is cheap, delicious and they have some of the best donuts and coffee in town. Plus, the staff and clientele have a heavy native Brooklynite contingent, and they're right across the street from a couple of newsstands.

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            Glad to hear praise for 7th Avenue Donuts - had many a coffee/hot chocolate, and sad to admit, donuts, there with my son and always enjoyed it. Dirt cheap old-style luncheonette. Definitely not the fanciest anything, and perhaps not the best, but very friendly.

            Bar Tabac, at Dean and Smith (a block from the Bergen St. F), might not be a bad bet - get a table outside if it's nice and you don't mind a little secondhand smoke. Not sure if they hurry you or not. Eggs Bar Tabac with Merguez, mmmmm. (And One-Girl cookies next door for a take-home care package. [Just noticed you're going on Thursday - not sure if they have breakfast/brunch during the week. Check first - sorry.]

            Good, if non-cheap, breakfast sandwiches at Ted and Honey, Clinton and Verandah, also in Cobble Hill. Get it to go and sit with the paper in Cobble HIll Park.

          2. I love Paneantico in Bay Ridge. Gussied-up "European" cafe decor, hardcore salty neighborhood clientele, the first-rate breads and other baked goods of Royal Crown bakery (same owenrs), some unusual Italian breakfast specialties (like a bowl of some kind of crispy noodle in hot milk), and excellent cappuccino. I often get this flat sesame bread ring with bel paese cheese, though the sugar doughnut twist (which they don't have every weekday) may be the best in the city. Once, when they didn't have it, I was staring disconsolately into the case trying to decide what to order instead. I asked the name of a another "ring" bread--about 1" wide with a 6" diameter and a shiny, brushed-on glazed top. "It's a cinnamon raisin bagel," said the girl behind the counter. Huh. Well, it bore absolutely no resemblance to any bagel, living or dead, but it was delicious, and I've bought one many times since. (Though I always order in a low voice and hope no one hears.) They also make a couple of different egg dishes. Best of all, you can leave with something delicious for lunch--great frittattas and all kinds of other prepared foods. Go.

            9124 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209