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Chinatown 2

Hiya, someone's put together a very handy Google map displaying over a dozen restaurants and groceries that form part of Chinatown 2 - aka Concordia Chinatown, aka The Other Chinatown. Scroll down - the article's interesting too - and click on the yellow "pushpin" icons to see addresses, blurbs, and some pictures.


So many places I still need to try!

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    1. That pork sandwich at Maison du Nord sounds fantastic. I know what I am having for lunch tomorrow!

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        Yup, at the time that I wrote the article, I didn't actually check if Maison du nord was still in business. Please let us know if it still is!

        I think that depending on the type of people that I bring, they will have different reviews of the place. Last time I went, which was well over a year, it lacked a lot in terms of ambiance/tidyness. However, the food is as authentic-from-China as it gets.

      2. Tokyo Sushi open now on Ste Catherine at St Mathieu near the PM Resto.

        1. Thanks for the post!
          I love this new area -- the food is more Chinese from different provinces in China, if anyone is curious to know.

          1. Ack! They've forgotten one of my favorites, the sublime Roi du Wonton (2125 St-Marc).

            If you haven't been there - well, you must. Like Qing Hua, the food is made fresh to order, so longer than 'average' waits are to be expected, but the lady who owns it makes sure to keep your tea filled and always tops off the meal with some of her addictive homemade cookies. The titular wontons are terrific, as are their Ma Po Tofu (the best in the city IMHO), tangy pickled vegetables and the Pork and Cold Noodles, a peanut-sauce-based dish served, as can be surmised, unheated. The noodles, it goes without saying, are all made in house.

            The wait can sometimes be a bit long, but, with its huge windows looking out into the street, the place gets a ton of natural light, so bring a good book, some good friends, and prepare to feast.

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              I think they listed it as "Taiwanese Restaurant". I love that place.

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                How many home-made noodles does Roi du Wonton make(maybe just one)? I tried their wonton noodle soup & noodles with chicken thigh soup earlier this week, to try their different home-made noodles(from the pictures on the menu board, they use different noodles for these dishes). However it turns out, they used the same noodles for both these dishes on my order.

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                  I spoke to the owner's husband, who makes the noodles, and he said that he can make all different kinds of sizes upon request.

              2. to continue in the vein of Concordia Chinatown I had the good fortune to eat at Sushi Crescent this Easter Friday. It was packed with students; it was fresh beyond expectations for an all-u-can-eat and I thoroughly enjoyed it. So were the 20 or 25 kids standing down the stairs and into the street.

                I had one dish that struck me odd because it sounded not at all like what I was served and it reminded me of a resto on St Catherine St. that was so bad I vowed never to return. The dish was beef sukiyaki and it came in a soup: the only other resto that I saw this at was Tokyo Sushi diagonal to Kazu.

                I was floored to find out they were the same owners. Two totally different experiences with two restaurants owned by the same owners.

                Sushi Crescent I would go back to again and Tokyo Sushi I never would step a foot into ever again.

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                  Interesting, a couple friends who live around there recommended it to me just yesterday. I guess it must be fairly new.

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                    Yeah, I went to Tokyo Sushi two weeks ago and I wouldn't go back. Though it's All-You-Can-Eat, the sushi is made to order. Still, it did not taste fresh and I found the maki rolls and tempura strangely tasteless.

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                      My above post on Tokyo Sushi and Sushi Crescent were entirely two different experiences but seem to be the same ownership. Tokyo Sushi near St Marc on St Catherine was downright awful in every situation from food to service to angry management.

                      Crescent Sushi was the complete opposite of Tokyo Sushi so I was in shock when I walked out of the resto after taking a business card and glanced at it both front and back and was shocked. I vowed that I would and will never go back to Tokyo Sushi and can't wait to get back to Crescent Sushi: except don't order anything that says 'sukiyaki'...it will not be what u think it to be: it is a soup a bad soup and a bad dish.

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                      Not too sure what you found fresh at sushi crescent, but i went there recently and it was a complete letdown on the food department. I wouldn't call what I had fresh. I would not recommend that place based on what i had

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                        ClaireHudon this is so funny cause I was just there again on Sunday..the food was really good. I don't usually do the 'all u can eat' way but the first time we passed this was just a instantaneous decision and were so impressed. When I can get fresh hot crispy tempura out of the deep fryer w/o it being cold and soggy they do their stuff well.

                        Certain Japanese foods can be criteria for how they serve and how fresh their stuff is and Tempura is my yardstick.

                        However I do want to express that Tokyo Sushi which is its half sister is absolute garbage food...

                        Hence why I always say that food critics are subjective

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                          Went to sushi crescent a few weeks ago, not the best sushi in montreal that for sure, but for all you can eat sushi, not bad at all and ranks much higher than Kanda or even Tokyo (although i seem to have had a better experience at Tokyo than blondee_47)

                          Salmon sashimi was fresh, the tempura made to order and always crispy and not oily, rolls contained a bit too much rice, but that is to be expected in that kind of place, the beef tataki was good as well

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                        I went there last summer and noticed that while things were generally pretty fresh for an all-you-can-eat, everything tasted pretty much the same, at least in terms of sushi. Also, it struck me that there was a total absence of tuna - salmon was pretty much the only fish. I'm aware that tuna's more expensive, pound for pound, and there are some sustainability issues with maguro, but you'd think that if they didn't have red tuna they'd at least have white. Maybe things have since changed.

                      3. Got take out today from Cuisine Szechuan. Good and fast Chinese food but I have to say I had super high expectations about this place because I heard so much about it, and it's good, but I guess I hyped it up in my head too much.

                        I got #46 (stir-fried eggplant, potato and green pepper, $7.99) and #59 (Vegetarian four delights with tofu, potato, eggplant and green beans braised in a chili sauce, $9.99). Both were nicely spiced, not too hot (though I love spicy food so who knows if these "medium hot" dishes are super spicy to others), not too greasy, and flavourful. As I rode the metro home I could smell the chilies wafting out of the bag and it wasn't that pungent, overwhelming spicy scent you get from super-hot dishes.

                        I have to say though that I found the quality of these two dishes comparable to that of Spicy Noodle, this basement takeout in La Cité at Parc and Prince Arthur. Prices are comparable, though Spicy Noodle dishes include rice (unlike Cuisine Szechuan) and I've never ordered delivery from Cuisine Szechuan but whoever the delivery people are for Spicy Noodle is horrendous. As in bringing me cold food two hours later (this happened two times with Spicy Noodle and then I gave up).

                        I walked by Maison du Nord today and that's my next place to try.

                        Spicy Noodle Restaurant
                        3575 Av Du Parc, Montreal, QC H2X3P9, CA

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                          Ive always wondered how Spicy Noodles is in business in my experience its been horrible and to eat it in the mall would be extremely depressing.... they can't even make a decent won-ton soup.

                          Wok Cafe is far better (and Im not saying its great by any means) and the delivery is always exactly 45 mins.

                          Spicy Noodle Restaurant
                          3575 Av Du Parc, Montreal, QC H2X3P9, CA

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                            I've only tried Spicy Noodle's stir fries--for some reason I never really trust soups and dim sum from fast food places--and I've always been pleasantly surprised by the portion, value and quality. (I would never eat it in the mall, hence the free delivery, but now that I don't live downtown I doubt I'd get their food again.) It's no gourmet, but still pretty decent if you skip the horrendous delivery service. That's why when I got today's take out from Cuisine Szechuan I had super high expectations after reading all the love from CH'ers. I always give a place a try at least twice and I still liked my food at Cuisine Szechuan. I'll take davekry's suggestions and get some spicier items next time around, and also try some of their entrees.

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                            The eggplant, potato and green pepper is in my opinion one of the milder dishes from CS. If you like spicier food, try their Ma Po Tofu, or the chicken with tofu flower. If you REALLY want spicy, tell the waiter you want it like he would have it.

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                              Or ask for cumin beef, water boiled beef or chili chicken..extra extra extra spicy. You must say it multiple times.

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                                I always got a kick out of the "water boiled" moniker. Had it not been recommended here on CH, I i never would have ordered it: I pictured a hunk of meat (or fish) blandly boiled in flavorless water with nary a garnish. How different it is - a cauldron of chili/pepper infused hell broth topped with an added bonus layer of chili oil.

                          3. How accurate is that map now? I just moved to the area (I'm so excited! I can't believe it! I'm gonna bankrupt myself on cheap ethnic food...) and want to know the latest additions and recommendations for this neighborhood.

                            Oh, and not just Asian food, ANY cheap food (under $25/pers for a main). I've already been exploring and have a few places noted in my must-go-to list (the all-you-can-eat hotpot on st-mathieu, Le Milsa Brazilian Churrascaria on Bishop, Picks and the Marche Ferdous on St-Cat) but I wanna make sure I'm not missing anything, I'd like to eventually try them all.

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                              Check out the thread on the new Grumann-78 taco location in the Faubourg!

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                                Yes I have! I'm definitely planning on going there :)