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Apr 14, 2009 06:25 AM

Chinatown 2

Hiya, someone's put together a very handy Google map displaying over a dozen restaurants and groceries that form part of Chinatown 2 - aka Concordia Chinatown, aka The Other Chinatown. Scroll down - the article's interesting too - and click on the yellow "pushpin" icons to see addresses, blurbs, and some pictures.

So many places I still need to try!

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    1. That pork sandwich at Maison du Nord sounds fantastic. I know what I am having for lunch tomorrow!

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      1. re: emerilcantcook

        Yup, at the time that I wrote the article, I didn't actually check if Maison du nord was still in business. Please let us know if it still is!

        I think that depending on the type of people that I bring, they will have different reviews of the place. Last time I went, which was well over a year, it lacked a lot in terms of ambiance/tidyness. However, the food is as authentic-from-China as it gets.

      2. Tokyo Sushi open now on Ste Catherine at St Mathieu near the PM Resto.

        1. Thanks for the post!
          I love this new area -- the food is more Chinese from different provinces in China, if anyone is curious to know.

          1. Ack! They've forgotten one of my favorites, the sublime Roi du Wonton (2125 St-Marc).

            If you haven't been there - well, you must. Like Qing Hua, the food is made fresh to order, so longer than 'average' waits are to be expected, but the lady who owns it makes sure to keep your tea filled and always tops off the meal with some of her addictive homemade cookies. The titular wontons are terrific, as are their Ma Po Tofu (the best in the city IMHO), tangy pickled vegetables and the Pork and Cold Noodles, a peanut-sauce-based dish served, as can be surmised, unheated. The noodles, it goes without saying, are all made in house.

            The wait can sometimes be a bit long, but, with its huge windows looking out into the street, the place gets a ton of natural light, so bring a good book, some good friends, and prepare to feast.

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            1. re: thebenc

              I think they listed it as "Taiwanese Restaurant". I love that place.

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                How many home-made noodles does Roi du Wonton make(maybe just one)? I tried their wonton noodle soup & noodles with chicken thigh soup earlier this week, to try their different home-made noodles(from the pictures on the menu board, they use different noodles for these dishes). However it turns out, they used the same noodles for both these dishes on my order.

                1. re: BLM

                  I spoke to the owner's husband, who makes the noodles, and he said that he can make all different kinds of sizes upon request.