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Apr 14, 2009 05:16 AM

Lake George dining suggestions?

Will be traveling to Lake George, NY, for a romantic getaway in a few weeks. Looking for ideas for restaurants, upscale and modern with a "vibe," and great food. Am I dreaming that we would find such a place in this area?

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  1. We absolutely loved Farmhouse Restaurant at Top of the World when we were in Lake George last summer.

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    1. re: Chris VR

      Chris, thanks so much for the recommendation, and for sending the link. It looks great.

    2. What about taking a ride to Bolton's Landing. There are some nice places along the main street and The Sagamore, of course

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        We ate at Mister Browns Pub at the Sagamore which was casual but had a nice vibe and an interesting menu with good food. A walk on the grounds of the Sagamore afterwards is very romantic.

        1. Here is a thread you may have missed as the title was The Lake:

          1. pamE, I think you're dreaming. . . We did find a few decent lunch places in Quensbury and on the Lake heading toward The Sagamore. We went to The Inn at Erlowest for New Year's Eve and for the price point were not impressed. If you are willing to venture off the Lake you will find much better food in Saratoga Springs. Bloomer's and The Wine Bar are my personal favorites.


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              I agree ^.

              "upscale and modern with a "vibe," and great food"

              LOL -- it's the ADIRONDACKS silly!

              My favorite place near there is Davidson Bros. Brewery. But, oh, no, NOT upscale or modern...

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                That's in Glens Falls, not near at all. Might as well send them to Friends Lake Inn. We liked the Gristmill in Warrensburg also....