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Apr 14, 2009 05:14 AM

Vestal, NY - Binghamton Coll.

My son and I are visiting Binghampton College and would appreciate a lunch recommendation. Want casual, local place. I've read about "spiedis" and would like to try a good one since this would be something unique for upstate ny (i believe?), but we are open to all suggestions. I did a quick search, but some suggestions found seemed out of date. It is just nice when college visiting to get a feel for the local flavor. Thank you.

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  1. My daughter attended Binghamton a few years back and most of the kids, as you might expect, did not go for the local stuff.

    There is very little in the way of local dining near the campus or on the suburban shopping strip on nearby Vestal Parkway. Lots of chain eateries. Still, we've had great Italian at the Oaks Inn on Oak Hill Ave in Edicott--just a short drive away and Consul's across the street is supposed to be good. Oak Hill Ave is the area's answer to Little Italy in NYC.

    For Spiedi's go to Sharkey's on Glenwood Ave and Main Street in Binghamton--about 15 minutes from the campus. The dining room is behind the bar. Don't expect much in the way of atmosphere. It looks a bit seedy. Spiedi and RIb Pit, near the campus on Vestal, is not as good.

    On more exotic and more upscale note--for Binghamton that is--there is the PS Restaurant next to Giant Foods on Vestal at Rano with a Thai-French menu.

    1. Sharkey's for sure, still going strong and I was there in the late 60's...likewise Little Venice in downtown Bingo, on Chenango Street I think, really good Italian; lasagna todie for.

      1. I went to Binghamton as well. You may want to try The Lost Dog cafe for breakfast or lunch.