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it's "national egg salad week" -- or -- what to do with all those boiled eggs?

gee, who knew?

what do you do with all those boiled eggs left after passover and easter?


favorite egg salad add-ins? type of bread for the sandwich? toasted or soft?

other salad ideas? nicoise and more.... any international "specialties"?

use in sauce "gribiche" for your poached salmon? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sauce_gr...

a condiment for smoked salmon?

put on pizzas? cure in a brine? 100 year-old egg? tea-smoked egg? scotch eggs?

casseroles? pat├ęs?

deviled eggs (ok, that's a given!) http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/304516

how about you? what creative uses have you found for those lovelies?

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  1. Using butter and/or bacon fat, make a cream sauce including smothered onion and dijon mustard. Toast bred or English muffins, top with sliced HB egg, spoonon some sauce and top-broil.

    1. When Virginia Willis stopped our BAY'A thread yesterday she pointed us in the direction of Her Deviled Eggs recipe....

      1. pink pickled eggs ap! You know that!

        1. Lightly boil some beef in a soy sauce/water base with some sliced garlic, hot green and red chili peppers, and crushed toasted sesame seed.
          Take the beef out when tender and shred it.
          Put the peeled eggs in the resulting broth and simmer for a few minutes.
          Let it cool, add the beef back in, then let it sit covered in the fridge for a few hours or over night.
          Makes a great accompaniment to almost any style steamed or fried rice.

          1. At our house we usually peel them, slice a couple in a bowl, add extra virgin olive oil, oregano, lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste and then sop up the olive oil and lemon with bread.

            1. http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/as...

              I have had this Jacques Pepin recipe on my list for years, still haven't made it! It sounds very good.

              1. Our local sandwich shop make an amazing egg salad with roasted sweet and hot peppers, and harissa on focaccia. If only I knew the recipe, I would make it several nights a week.

                1. Egg salad? Of course! Add-ins: Celery, peeled and finely chopped, sweet red bell peppers, chopped, mayo, S&P, and a bit of curry powder. Piled onto soft pumpernickel bread.

                  More egg salad: celery as above, mayo, S&P, piled onto white toast and topped with crisp bacon and iceberg lettuce.

                  Main dish salad: cooked pasta, romaine lettuce, Progresso tuna packed in olive oil, hard boiled eggs cut in wedges, chickpeas, broccoli florets, red onion, red wine vinegar, fresh lemon juice.

                  Haven't done but want to: add whole hard-cooked eggs to the brine from pickled beets. :)

                  1. Hi Pal... I just had an Egg Salad & Spiral Ham sandwich and nutty, heavy bread... delicious.

                    Egg Salad Add Ins

                    > Chipotle Powder instead of Paprika... no brainer
                    > Diced Pickled Jalapenos... not Egg Salad without those

                    Ration of Ham to Egg Salad... 2 to 1

                    Dill pickle on the side.

                    A Yucatecan variation might play on the traditional Papadzules and the popularity of Wraps in Gringolandia... so you would add chopped hard boiled eggs, creamy pumpkin seed sauce & tomato salsa:


                    In a small village near the Puuc Route (I believe it was Tikul)... the Papadzules were also stuffed with Sauteed Garlicky Chaya (aka Mayan Spinach or Jungle Spinach)... so you can just sautee some plain old Spinach with lard, butter & onions... let it come to room temperature then toss with the hard boiled eggs etc.,

                    1. "Egg & Olive", a standard birthday party food in the 1940's: Using a fork, mash up hard-boiled eggs or devilled eggs with mayonnaise. Add a lot of sliced stuffed green olives (or use the salad olives that are already chopped up). This is especially good on whole wheat bread with lettuce although my husband likes it just piled on a cracker.

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                        We always had black olives and fresh parsley. And it wasn't the 40s . . .

                        1. Niceoise Salad with Hard boiled eggs, tuna (preferably fresh seared tuna) green beans

                          1. And don't forget one of my favorites...Cobb Salad. How could anything with lots of bacon, blue cheese, chicken (usually rotisserie to make it easy) and hard-boiled eggs be anything other than delicious?

                            Here's a pretty close approximation to what I do. I think it's Sara Moulton's recipe, but I'm not sure.

                            It's also delicious with blue cheese dresssing, but oh so rich.