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Cooking classes

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Hey all!

I want to take a cooking class, but have no idea where to look! Any suggestions? I'm not looking to make anything gourmet, just looking for some new ideas and some basic kitchen tips.

Thanks :)

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  1. Les Touilleurs on Laurier has a nice series of atelier sessions if you want new ideas; I enjoyed the sessions with Marck de Canck and Racha Bassoul.

    Raza also holds sessions (nuevo latino topics) and I think Dante and Bon Appetit do as well. Then there's the Institut d'Hotellerie.

    1. See this thread for ideas too. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/313251

      I'd heard about the classes next to Quincaillerie Dante (Mezza Luna) as well, but haven't participated. Apparently it is the owner of the cooking supply store, Quincaillerie Dante, that runs the classes. The store is located at 57 Dante, 272-5299 (Little Italy).

      Here's a Gazette article, a few years old (but still perhaps valid) lists a lot of ideas:

      1. I walk past this cooking school everyday and they always have great classes listed. The facilities are brand new and they have a phenomenal teaching area.

        They also have a botique which stocks high end food items and equipment. They keep Christophe Morel products, which is a big big plus. :) He also teaches there regularly.


        6381 Boulevard St Laurent

        (514) 750-6050

        1. i went to one of La Guilde Culinaire classes and it was a lot of fun.
          i took a sushi course and the food was amazing!!!
          and the best part of it all was that we did it all :)
          my next one will surely be a chocolate course with Christophe Morel i tasted one of his chocolates for easter... i thought i had died and went to heaven.
          : p

          also, they told me that we can plan a private party with friends and choose our menu and then cook it :) sounds really cool i think i`ll try it with my friends at work :)

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            My cousin took the Morel chocolate class and we were able to successfully temper several batches of chocolates without the tempering machine and without using mycro. I am enjoying the bonbons right now. I am amazed that i can actually do this.

            Now that i have mastered tempering my next step will be taking his macaron class. My macarons have perfect feet and amazing taste but they do not crack when you bite into them. Can't wait to see what he has to say about that.

          2. I took the Mezza Luna gnocchi class. I think it was about 50$ for the class(but you get to eat was made + wine). About 20 people per class mostly francophone (but Elena is perfectly bilingual and will answer you in English). Not really hands on since it's a small place with only 1 stove,over and working counter. Students take turns going in front of the class with Elena and doing certain tasks(not everyone gets to go prob 1/2 the class).
            We made a basic gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce, a spinach gnocchi with pomodoro sauce and a porcini stuffed gnocchi with butter sauce i think. All were delicious.

            They have classes with special guest chefs like Picard or the Chef from Kitchen Gallerie etc...

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              Did the gnocchi class last nite.... full house of 24. Very much a demo class with a few getting up at the counter to roll out the gnocchi (yours truly included...and took me a bit of time to get the hang of rolling the stuff!). Same basic class routine - 2 traditional gnocchi dishes, one with gorgonzola and one with the onion/red pepper/tomato blended, and the last being a pancetta-escarole stuffed canelloni-style gnocchi with a mushroom/pancetta sauce.

              Elena's demo style was very entertaining and lots of seconds! Doing the "cochon and biere" session on Saturday afternoon. Looking forward to that one!

            2. The cookbook store on Victoria in Westmount (Appetite for Books) does cooking classes. Some are basic (like knife skills) but most are based on a particular cookbook. From what I hear the classes are interesting and jovial, but not terribly hands on. The store is gorgeous and the kitchen is open and large.
              I'm hoping to take some this spring.
              Here's a schedule of the classes with prices:

              1. I took 3 classes at Ateliers et Saveurs in Old Montreal.
                They usually keep groups below 15 people and offer many options. I did 2 lunch courses (about 1h30 in all, with the lunch) and one 3 hrs foie gras special which was really nice. Everybody gets to do something even if we don't each have a station.
                Courses are in French, but in my experience there was usually a few US tourists, so the instructor sumarizes the info in English when needed.

                They have food, wine and drink classes.

                Nice and friendly place, with cool fixtures made out of cutlery!