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Apr 13, 2009 10:15 PM

Cooking classes

Hey all!

I want to take a cooking class, but have no idea where to look! Any suggestions? I'm not looking to make anything gourmet, just looking for some new ideas and some basic kitchen tips.

Thanks :)

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  1. Les Touilleurs on Laurier has a nice series of atelier sessions if you want new ideas; I enjoyed the sessions with Marck de Canck and Racha Bassoul.

    Raza also holds sessions (nuevo latino topics) and I think Dante and Bon Appetit do as well. Then there's the Institut d'Hotellerie.

    1. See this thread for ideas too.

      I'd heard about the classes next to Quincaillerie Dante (Mezza Luna) as well, but haven't participated. Apparently it is the owner of the cooking supply store, Quincaillerie Dante, that runs the classes. The store is located at 57 Dante, 272-5299 (Little Italy).

      Here's a Gazette article, a few years old (but still perhaps valid) lists a lot of ideas:

      1. I walk past this cooking school everyday and they always have great classes listed. The facilities are brand new and they have a phenomenal teaching area.

        They also have a botique which stocks high end food items and equipment. They keep Christophe Morel products, which is a big big plus. :) He also teaches there regularly.

        6381 Boulevard St Laurent

        (514) 750-6050

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