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Apr 13, 2009 09:24 PM

21st birthday in Baltimore

When I turn 21 in early May, I'd like to go out with a friend for dinner. Could you provide recommendations for restaurants with multiple-course menus, staff knowledgeable in wine, or menus with recommended wine pairings? I don't know much about wines - my friend is a sommelier and I plan on enlisting her help - but am dead set on an extravagant, multi-course meal. Money is no object.
Friend is a pesco-vegetarian.

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  1. If money is no object, then I've enjoyed the wine pairings at both Cinghiale and Charleston.

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      1. re: lawhound

        It's hard to beat a Tony Foreman restaurant for the quality of the wine list, the stemware, and the wine pairings. So, I agree and in Baltimore, if money's no object, that means Charleston.

        Happy birthday!

      2. re: bordeauxfan

        Totally agree ..... But then, hit Fells Point. Anyone of the 9000 bars they have.
        Two things that I wish I had done on 21st....... Maryland crabs, and Drinking till I was Shattered in Fells Point!

      3. If you do go to Charleston and plan on getting destroyed later in the night, you are wasting your money. You will be throwing up from the combination of being totally full and drinking too much.

        Honestly, split them up to appreciate both events a little bit more.

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        1. re: hotel

          No, I don't plan on getting wasted the same evening.
          I don't think I'll ever be much of a 'bar person' anyway, but my brother wants to take me out one night.
          At most, after Charleston (thanks to all who suggested it, this is pretty much what I'm set on now) I would go out with a friend for a cocktail or two.
          I mean, come on, I'm asking about wine pairings for my 21st birthday, do I seem like the kind of person that goes out to drink until I can't remember my name?
          Thanks to everyone who replied. Any recommendations for Charleston?

          1. re: Odnetni

            I asked similar questions when I turned 21, but still got black out drunk after. I make no judgments on what people will do.

              1. re: hotel

                I 2nd that....I got shattered on my 21st.........At........1789

              2. re: Odnetni

                champagne and corn meal encrusted oysters sauternes and fois gras.