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Early patio openings? (MSP)

With the weather forecast so optimistic, I'm looking to dine outside a bit this week. I know that Punch Calhoun and Spring Street are good to go, and Brasa usually opens the doors whenever it's warm.

Any other favorites breaking out the furniture early this year?

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  1. Had dinner at Meritage in St Paul sunday evening, and they had the tables and chairs out by the park. Ill try to post a full report later today, but it was good, real good, and a great deal. They have a sunday 24 dollar set menu of two amusements, a main and a dessert or cheese. oh, and half off most of their wines by the glass or bottle.

    1. It's not a patio per se, but it is sorta dining outside, so I thought I'd share the news that the Dari-ette is open for the season! Always one of my favorite signs of spring....

      1. Sea Salt will be opening a week from Friday (4/24)

        Does anyone know if Brit's patio is open?

        1. Longfellow grill has their patio open!
          I also saw them setting up the patio today at Moscow on the Hill.

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            Had dinner on the patio at Three Squares in Maple Grove last Thursday (4/9) during their big Surley firkin bash. Will be there Thursday for the Oberon release!

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              I am at the Longfellow as I write this. Thanks for the heads up.

            2. We walked past Dixie's on Grand and they had all the tables and chairs out last night. There were only a few people on the patio though, and it looked like they were all smoking.

              Soon, though. Very soon!

              1. Both NE Bulldog patios are open...now, if they could just keep from overcooking my burgers every damn time.

                1. I saw a couple of people on the patio at Lurcat as I walked home this evening. There were people eating on the sidewalk outside Rudolph's too, but I am not sure it really counts as a patio.

                  1. I had dinner at Obento-Ya tonight - their patio was open and people were coming and going (until darkness fell and it got chilly). Their tiny and charming patio is hidden in the back of the restaurant and is reputed to be all non-smoking - it would be a wonderful place to try their new izakaya menu and sake flights, especially during happy hour (5-7 daily).

                    By the way, the pork-and-egg-and-kimchee dish on the izakaya menu is FABULOUS! I shall dream of it tonight.


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                      Confirmed non-smoking, which makes it one of our favorite patios (and the sake flights are a STEAL).

                      Thanks for confirming it's open Anne!

                    2. Salut on Grand looks ready for outdoor action. I know some don't like their food, but we've had good luck with apps (yummy mussels and fries) and wine/drinks outside on a nice summer night.

                      1. seems like anywhere with outdoor dinning is doing so.