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Duck Confit

Who has the best Duck Confit in Philly so my friend and I can go eat it???

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  1. Love the duck confit at Bar Ferdinand. They have both a salad and a tapa with cherries.

    1. Mmmm.. I love duck confit.
      the only one i've had in philly was at Parc, though.
      Overall - good, but not great. It wasn't the duck so much as the entire plate; there was some sort of lentil salad that made the plate too salty.

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        I ate that Duck in Lentil stuff at Parc also, and I also did not like the Lentils! Everything else I ate there was pretty good though.

        1. re: Pepsichug

          I hear that Fork's version is very good.

      2. Standard Tap routinely has a duck salad on their menu: it's a simple, well-dressed salad with a confit of duck leg.

        It's also dead easy to make and lasts just about forever. I have two legs packed in fat in my fridge right now that I made last November.

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          thats the best way. a nice salt cure with good spices and good herbs. fat from SAME animal. and preserved for months to let the flavors know eachother. you can tell the confit that was made that morning vs a well thought out confit

        2. I haven't tried it myself, but I just noticed that Sugartown Smoked Specialties at the Wayne Farmers Market has duck confit.


          Sugartown Smoked Specialties
          Westtown PA, Westtown, PA

          1. The Chef at Bistro La Minette makes his own...I can still taste it from the cassolet from a month or two ago and just thinking about it is getting my mouth to water.


            call ahead, his menu changes often, just to make sure he has it on for that night.

            1. I had the duck confit at Meritage more than a year ago...not sure if its still onn the meny, but it was a fine version of a dish that easily gets screwed up by most kitchens.


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                Someone earlier on had mentioned that you could get duck confit at the "smoked goods" stand at the Lancaster Farmers Market in Wayne. Funny thing, I had actually bought some the day before, for the first time. We got around to eating it last night.

                It was good -- it had been produced someplace in Connecticut, not at Sugartown farms, where a lot of their things come from.

                Still, I like the duck confit from D'Artagnan (mail order, sometimes in grocery stores) better.