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Apr 13, 2009 05:47 PM

Tortilla Envy

Here is what flour tortillas SHOULD look like.

I get these in Winter Garden, FL, the only place I've found in FL that has these....

These have plenty of "manteca" that crisps up when you heat them on a grill, and they taste amazing. Don't settle for the ones in your MegaMart

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  1. I make my own. They don't look as nice but they taste awesome.


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    1. re: Davwud

      My only option before I found this place was to make my own, but these are just as good in my opinion.

      1. re: haaamean

        My kitchen is closer than Wintergarden Fla is too.


    2. How about an address? Do they sell the big ones used for burritos?

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      1. re: bkhuna

        640 S Dillard St in Winter Garden, it's called El Tadeo next to Bravo.

        Bravo is a great store too.

        They only have one size, none for burritos...

        1. re: haaamean

          I'll bet they COULD make them bigger, if you asked. Dee

          1. re: MazDee

            I did. They're too busy making these. You could use these for burritos de machaca.

            To be honest, I can't see the fascination with burritos (other than machaca). I still have NEVER seen a burrito in Mexico (other than machaca).

            If you can hold meat, cheese, pico de gallo, and everything you need in a taco, why the necesity to go large. Just buy two taco totes...

            1. re: haaamean

              The burrito (not the phony junk they sell at chipotles, tiajuana flats, is ubiquitos at most taquerías in California. Or so in the hundred or so I've eaten at in my life and travels.

              1. re: bkhuna

                Yes, I agree, they're everywhere in CA. and in AZ, NM and just about every other state in the union.

                I've still never seen one in Mexico, which makes me wonder where they come from. My guess is Sonora, but as much as I've been around there, still no

                I'm just sayin...

                1. re: haaamean

                  I have never seen one in México either, but I think Sonora is the place where flour tortillas originated. My theory is that some enterprising immigrant to California invented them. I loved burritos when I lived in San Francisco, and wouldn't mind having one this minute! But, they aren't Méxican food.