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Apr 13, 2009 05:14 PM

HELP! I need a nice Japanese lunch near MET Museum tomorrow!

Please help me, I can only come up with places on Third Ave. For very nice European friends who I missed seeing tonight. I need to make up nice tomorrow!

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    1. I live in that area, and nice Japanese places are hard to find. I haven't been to Ito En, but it does look beautiful. Someone else recommended Sachi, on Madison and 93rd or so, recently, but my one experience there years ago was not a great one, and I think it's rather dumpy looking.

      If you are able to travel a bit, we really enjoy Gajyumaru, on 1st Avenue just north of 86th Street on the west side of the avenue. The decor is minimalist, in a good way, lovely service, and great food.

      1. Donguri on East 83rd Street (betwee1st and 2nd) is wonderful. A type of neighborhood place you might find in Tokyo. Great silken tofu, corn fritters, grilled octopus, Berkshire pork belly and more. Small and intimate. Not sure if they are open for lunch though...

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          Thank you all, I will ask my guests to pick one of these after making sure they serve lunch.

          You are life savers!

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            Gajyumaru is definitely open for lunch. Good luck - let us know how it goes where ever you choose.

            Edit - and I've posted in the past about some of the dishes we like there, in case you end up going there.