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Apr 13, 2009 05:02 PM

Nice, Big, Meaty Dinner... But... (Calgary)

I need to take out some colleagues to thank them for a personal favour. I know they like big, meaty dinners. Bison? Caribou? Elephant? I would like to take them somewhere nice BUT wherever we go needs to have even just one vegetarian thing for me. I have recently been to Mercato and River Cafe, and I think that both places aren't "meaty" enough (although that's the price range I'd be looking at- certainly no cheaper). I would also really prefer if it was a place where main courses came with vegetables and starch, as I think they would be hesitant to order those seperately knowing that I'm paying. Help! The Coup and Buddha's Veggie won't cut it this time!

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  1. I'm going to sound like a broken record but...Bear's Den.

    1. When I am craving meat in Calgary - I go to Bolero. Its all you can eat of the best meat there is (waiters walk around with skewers of meat and carve it at your table), and it comes with a salad bar and a hot side buffet as well. You can get just the salad, or the salad and sides or all of the above. It is really, very good food, and a different experience. I'm sure your colleagues would be impressed.

      1. This is pretty subjective, but I prefer Gaucho's Brazilian BBQ ( to Bolero's. Way smaller place, and not nearly as big of selection of salads/sides as Bolero's, but the meat is really good. Go on the weekends for the full selection (especially the lamb).

        Check out the web site for the food gallery - that may tell you whether or not there are enough Veg. options for you.

        I have a co-worker that is a gigantic meat-eater and this is where we go...

        Not the easiest place to find though...

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          I will have to have to check that out the next time we visit Calgary! My only complaint about Bolero was that it was too big...

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            There's nothing at Gaucho's for a vegetarian.There's only things like macaroni salad, rice and (sad) green salad at the buffet.
            Even if you did just want to eat the buffet food, I don't think you can avoid paying for the carved meat like everyone else.

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              Then that's a definite plus about Bolero - there is the option. And the vegetarian options were pretty good, if I recall. Tho I may have been too busy enjoying all that meat to really notice...

          2. Wouldn't Bolero and Gaucho's be lower than the price range the OP specified? And what are the vegetarian options?

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              I agree with you. But it does cover the veggies/starch for the all-you-can-eat option.

              Believe it or not, on the website, it does say they have vegetarian options.

              As I reflect on this though, Jetgirly may want to check whether or not the rodizio is required for the entire table to order. So that may nix it...

              Bear's Den, as you suggested, might be a better option. Vintage is where I usually go for meat on someone else's dime... Never been to Ruth Chris', so I can't say much for that

            2. Went to Ruth's Chris this weekend. I felt a little disloyal because I was a visitor to Calgary and had perceived that if I went to RC (which is a chain, though a VERY high end one) that we wouldn't be eating Alberta beef. I was wrong.

              This restaurant might suit you as it is meaty in the extreme and you have your choice between source of your meat. Our table did some taste-testing and I loved the Alberta beef. Service was super. Sides were good. They went way out of their way to get me the cocktail I ordered (which was a favourite of mine from a Ruth's Chris in another city.)

              In fact, it looked to me as if RC might be reacting to the recession by being a little clever in offering a prix fixe menu that was really good value.