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Ocean Cafe Shrewsbury, NJ

After recommendations from several friends, we finally had lunch at the Ocean Cafe today.
It was very, very good. I had a white bean and vegetable soup. My husband had the carrot ginger soup. We liked the carrot ginger the best.

Then, we each had a "summer roll." Mine was shrimp with rice noodles, avocado, carrot, cucumber and greens, with a mayo/pesto dipping sauce. The husband had the tunal roll. Both were very good.

We were pleased to learn that they have a small dinner menu (they're only open until 8 PM).
We'll be getting take out there soon.

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  1. I live in Shrewsbury. Where is the Ocean Cafe? thanks!

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      Ocean Cafe
      441 Broad St
      Shrewsbury, NJ 07702
      (732) 933-1188‎

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        In the strip plaza between Le Peep and the Valley National Bank, a couple doors down from the Evolution Salon, I live within walking distance.

      2. I really like Ocean Cafe. I frequently get take-out. I like the tuna steak summer roll and tofu summer roll. I like all the soups.

        1. Just tried it for the first time today. The sandwich was a bit bland, but it was good quality ingredients and the portobello soup was excellent. It wasn't very crowded, and the staff was very pleasant. I'll be back again to see what else they have to offer, and I'll keep going back for the soup at the very least.

          1. Is this place related to the Ocean Cafe's in Sea Bright and Long Branch?

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              A copy of their "Grand Opening" menu says "Please visit our location, 624 Ocean Avenue, Long Branch"

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                I've dined at and gotten takeout from the Shrewsbury location several times and Long Branch once. I know these two are related. I don't believe Sea Bright is related but I hope I'm wrong. They offer lots of healthy and vegetarian choices. Everything I've had has been delicious, particularly soups, lettuce cups, salads, and low-fat tuna salad sandwich. If they only offered delivery... No web site.

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                  Might have to stop by and grab a take-out menu. I've recently started putting together a listing of takeout menus for local establishments, especially those with no web presence:


                  Keep in mind I'm just starting out...

              2. excellent thai chicken wrap at LB location

                  1. After reading some of the posts here, I decided to try Ocean Café today! I passed it so many times but never thought about eating there because the exterior was not particular attractive if you are traveling on Route 35.

                    I ordered a chicken chili and a shrimp salad sandwich for lunch! Apparently, I overestimated how much I could eat….the bowl of chili was tasty, enough heat in there but not overwhelming but I do prefer the chili with beef! As for the sandwich, it was one of the best I had recently! The French bread was crunchy outside while the inside is so fresh and soft. The shrimps were large and plentiful, and the combination with avocado was always good! The lettuce and tomatoes were very fresh too. It is a simple sandwich but it was very enjoyable!

                    The girls behind the counter were very pleasant and advised me to get one of their menus, and to call in advance to eliminate the wait. The place is not big, six tables that hold 4 people and then 3 tables that were for 2; actually, all those six tables for 4 could be separated into tables for 2. Basically, the place can accommodate 30 people and to me, and it kind of look like a fastfood place, that is kind of a drawback to me! I will no doubt come back for other sandwiches or wraps for take away, they have quite a variety of choices and I believe someone has already posted their menu on this broad! It is surely a nice place for a smoothie too; on the other, I really do not see myself eating a dinner here…

                    1. Ocean Cafe has a variety of healthy, tasty choices at reasonable prices. I just checked out
                      this place for lunch with 2 friends. I had the Thai Ice Tea which was a little on the sweet
                      side and the Vietnamese Salad which was very fresh. You can eat healthy here without feeling
                      deprived. My friends liked everything they ordered and said they would come back too.

                      It’s in a strip plaza on the north bound side of Rt 35 just south of Rt 520. Didn’t look like
                      much parking. Its a small place with tables for 2 which can be moved around. The waitresses
                      were friendly. The service was quick but we had gotten there early, before noon. Its was a bit
                      noisy from the other patrons with little kids.

                      I plan on going back to try their other selections and would definitely recommend this place for anyone wanting to eat healthy and tasty fare.

                      1. My reason for making this post is two fold;

                        1.) The sadness and disappointment of losing Eurasian Café in Red Bank and
                        2.) The fact I never knew this place existed until today. Once I did a search I’m even more surprised to see this thread was started 3 years ago!

                        Picking my son up from summer sports program at school I gave him his choice for lunch today and he picked this place…..when he mentioned it to me I had no idea where he was talking about. Even when he instructed me of it’s location I still had no idea this place existed and I pass it nearly every day. This was a quick lunch stop so our fare was pretty basic my son had a ham, mozzarella and roasted peppers with balsamic reduction. Nice sized sandwich fresh roll and while ham and mozzarella isn’t a combination I would order he was very happy with it.

                        I got a grilled chicken wrap with a whole bunch of things in it….such as montery jack cheese, mixed greens and corn. All of which combined very nicely for a very tasty and very fresh wrap. They have a bunch of home made soups which were calling my name but there is no way on a 90 degree day I’m eating soup. (will have to wait for the fall)

                        I noticed on the menu several vegetarian options and a few dishes listed as vegan as well. In addition to these specific dishes there were several tofu options listed. (I’m as far from a vegetarian or vegan as there is so I’m not sure what category tofu falls into…..I just know it’s something you folk (vegetarians and vegans) eat so I wanted to mention it).
                        As well as this they had several vegetarian friendly soups and fruit smoothie style drinks.

                        They also had a few dinner options listed as vegetarian and vegan as well.

                        The place is small but the seating was comfortable, service was friendly and adequate for an establishment of this type. Nothing at all to stop me from coming back for another lunch wrap or sandwich and a place for you veggie’s and vegans to try!!

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                          They are also currently building another Ocean Cafe on Monmouth St, across from Mr. Pizza Slice... maybe the old cheesesteak place? I have to say I still love their food and it has always been consistent.