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Apr 13, 2009 04:24 PM

Thai bakery? Is there one?

Anyone know of a thai bakery in northern va?

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  1. what sort of thai desserts are you looking for? Bangkok 54 Market (right next door to Bangkok 54) has tons of ready-made thai desserts every day, and an especially huge selection on weekends....bua loi, sticky rice with black beans, toddy palm with coconut (whatever that is), pandan-flavored stuff, yucca with coconut syrup, thai custards....tons of stuff.

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    1. re: CoconutMilk

      I am looking for a place that sells "Kanom Krok". you know that sweet, salty, coconut milky dessert that is cooked in a cast iron pan with round divots in it. you can get it fresh in L.A. at a few places. the only time I can get it in this area is once a year at the Thai festival at the Wat in Silver Spring. Anyone know where to get it year round?

      1. re: amaebi

        ah yes, I saw that dessert at the festival. that place was a madhouse! I dont think Bangkok 54 Market sells it, but it wouldnt hurt you to go there on a weekend and ask the knowledgable owner, who is very friendly. Bangkok 54 Market seems to be very popular among thais doing their grocery shopping, so if she doesnt know than I think someone there will be able to give you an answer.

        i have yet to try kanon krok, but now i guess i must seek it out as well. the combo of coconut milk, sugar, and a touch of salt is UNREAL. My favorite "coconut milky" desserts in the area are the sticky rice with mango at Rabieng and the warm black sticky rice pudding at Minh's.

    2. Outside of hiring someone to make it for you, Bangkok 54 and possibly Duangrat grocery store might have it on the weekends.

      I know these markets carry homemade deserts (which I believe they sell via consignment) and Kanom Krok might show up, but due to labor (Just making it is easy. making it taste good is hard :-)) and spoilage issues that one might be a toughy.

      I'll ask around and if I hear anything, will update here.

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      1. re: chew

        You are right about making it taste good is hard. the ones I had at the thai fest. in Silver Spring were mediocre at best. the ones in L.A. were amazing!! Let me know if you find anything out.

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          I happened to be at Bangkok 54 market today and they DID in fact have kanom krok. It wasn't fresh/hot out of the pan, though, and I didnt try it for that seems like the sort of thing that would need to be eaten right away, no?