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Apr 13, 2009 04:23 PM

Rotisserie Chicken Central NJ

Looking for Rotisserie Chicken/Roasted Chicken in Central NJ.
Would have to be takeout since we eat this almost every night with a homemade salad.

Are there any other places in NJ that we should try.

Comments or suggestions welcome.

Realize some are organic and some are not. (and yes I do know how to roast a chicken at home don't always have time)

Stop and Shop – Amazing Rotisserie Chicken and Chicken Breast Only – Cooked well but not dry, nicely seasoned, not greasy.

Shop Rite – Very Good Rotisserie Chicken cooked well, good seasoning

Sage Rotisserie and Grill Freehold NJ – Very Good Flavor but super small chicken

Joe Leone’s – Very Good roasted chicken but expensive

Delicious Orchards – Bell and Evans Rotisserie Chicken Good

Boston Market – Good but very very greasy

Stickles Market – Less then OK, spoke with them a few months back, they tasted and agreed, changed supplier but have not been back to taste the new chicken they selected.

Whole Foods – Less than OK gamey

Lox Stock Deli – Less than OK kosher chicken

Dolce and Clemente’s – Less than OK

Places have not yet tried:
KickN ChickN Jackson NJ
Long Branch Rotisserie Chicken Branchport Ave Long Branch NJ
El Oaxaqueno Restaurant #3, 9 Memorial Parkway.Mexican Rotisserie Chicken Long Branch NJ
La Rosa Chicken and Grill Marlboro Manalapan or Freehold NJ

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  1. Years ago there used to be a place in Yardville called Nick's that did rotisserie. I remember that everyone in my family used to love it (I can't recall if I did or not - I was just a kid). But what I heard had happened was that after Nick's went out of business, Marazzo's Thriftway bought the recipe. it might be worth investigating if no one else on the board knows the answer to that.

    Has anyone tried Wegman's rotisserie chicken?

    1. Have you tried Costco's? Can't beat it for $5.99!

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      1. re: tonirog

        I second the Costco Recommendation. They are amazing and always fresh.

        1. re: MegDangelo

          Third vote for the Costco chicken. It's really delicious. However, if you have an Amish market near you, try their rotisserie chicken. It's a smaller and more tender bird, and usually very, very good. I know there is an Amish Market on Route 27 in Kingston. Check it out sometime if you're near there. There is also another one in Medford. BTW: they also sell ribs which are also very good and tender

          There is a Costco in Brick on 70.

      2. I'm happy with the ShopRite chicken. It comes in several flavors (I like toasted garlic) and they often have sales - $4.99 for a whole, albeit small, chicken. I love their leg quarters - from Perdue roasters, so quite large; those are often on sale for $2.99 for 2 leg quarters.

        1. have to say that Long Branch Rotisserie Chicken is excellent ... worth a visit to be sure

          and I have to add my 2 cents in on Costco-- not free range, nothing fancy, but a good deal at $6 and better than many others in the area ( i just don't WANT to like it, but I do)

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          1. re: aklein

            Brought this home for dinner last night!
            What a great place! Nice people! Very good chicken!
            They have been in business since 1939 - pretty cool!

          2. Shabby...
            Surprised that Costco is not on your list. Guess I am the 5th one to say 'try it - you'll like it'. It maybe a little out of the way, but your postings seem to have you all over NJ. Costco's chickens are well prepared and much larger (think they are 3 lbs.) than the others. Plus you'll get a fresh one that hasn't been sitting for a long time and getting stale.
            La Rosa use to be good, haven't tried it in a few years due to Costco's.

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            1. re: eatinman

              Do not have a membership to Costco (Or Sam's club)
              It is just the two of us, never had a need to buy anything in bulk.

              That being said sure I could tag along with a neighbor to get a costco chicken.
              Chowhounds know good food.
              Thank you.

              1. re: shabbystorm

                you can use my Costco card..

                1. re: eatinman

                  A Random act of kindness.
                  Thank you!

                  1. re: shabbystorm

                    How about BJ's rotisserie chicken? You can rec' a one day free pass at BJ's to buy & check out the store as a guest.