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Apr 13, 2009 04:16 PM

restaurant in Portland for 8 including tweens

I need a place for 4 adults and 4 kids coming into Portland for a fencing tournament. Kids are adventurous eaters but we don't want anything too stuffy. Would love a fun, hip environment , seasonal ingredients, and also not too, too pricey. Last year my kids fell in love with Bumblekiss; I loved the food but would like something with more ambiance for dinner. We also loved Nostrana, and so did the kids. Thanks!

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  1. I forgot to say we're staying at the Benson and won't have a car, so something walkable or easy to get to with public transportation would be great.

    1. Kenny & Zuke's deli, Basta's, Brazil Grill (if you all like meat), Toro Bravo (you said you were willing to take public transportation), Pambiche, tabla, dove vivi or Apizza Scholls for pizza, Silk

      1. PING @ NW 4/Couch (could be a little more $ to really feed hearty appetites)
        Davis Street Tavern @ NW5/Davis

        1. cant recommend Apizza scholls enough. but get there early(open at 5, tues-sat)or the wait may be to much for young kids.

          Clyde Common has big communal seats,and is a very adventerous(atleast to a kid) place to dine!

          Take the rugrats to Biwa!? they will love the ramen and with the smaller plates and they can be as adventurous or conservative as they like!