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Apr 13, 2009 04:10 PM

Mole Recipes

I am looking for an authentic Mole recipe. As you can imagine, mexican recipes are not as easy to find in Montreal!

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  1. I'd suggest a web search for 'seven moles of Oaxaca'. The should give you an idea of the variety of dishes called mole.

    While the full ingredient list of an authentic mole is quite long, many cooks, both in Mexico and abroad, start with a premade paste, consisting of dried chiles, spices, nuts, and bread or crackers. Such a paste can range from a mix custom ground by a small shop in Oaxaca (or neighboring town), to commercial mixes is glass jars (which can double as drinking glasses later).

    1. Authentic Mexican recipes are EASY to find in Montreal if y ou Google! Tons of recipes for authentic moles on line. Given the ingredients lists for some of my mole recipes, it's a lot more time effective for both of us if you surf the web. But to get you started, you'll find an assortment of pretty authentic recipes here:

      1. BF -

        There are indeed some good recipes online if you are persistent in your Googling, and the link that Caroline provided is a great start.

        I, too, am a Mexican-craving Montrealer, also looking to make my own mole. I found dried chiles (nice variety, too) at Rocky Montana in NDG, located on Sherbrooke a few blocks west of Decarie.

        I'd really appreciate it if you could guide me to the best Mex on or around the island!

        1. Asking for an authentic mole recipe is a little vague. There are many forms of mole, all of which are authentic.

          A good source for authentic recipes is Diane Kennedy. She is a master of regional Mexican cuisine. You will find a lot of information in any of her books.