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Apr 13, 2009 03:30 PM

Help With A Venue On Long Island

Hello everyone, I was hoping for a little help. I am throwing a surprise 60th for my mother in June and I am looking for a venue for brunch/lunch for about 30 people in Nassau. I priced out the Carlton at Eisenhower and they were a little pricey. I was also considering Jonathan's, but I have never been a big fan of the place. So... can anyone recommend a restaurant that would be a good fit. Thanks!!

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    1. West End Cafe in Garden City is a nice laid back place with solid food.
      Conti's in Little Neck for great Northern Italian.

      1. Mill Pond is right over the border on 25a in Huntington. Great outdoor deck would be beautiful in June...

        1. Have you ever been to Waterzooi? They have really great food and the catering menu looks much more affordable than Carltun. I've researched both because I just did a bridal shower for 25 guests for my sister. Carltun would not work with me at all with the price, most other places would bring it down a bit if I wanted to take away a few items or even add things. Waterzooi was already booked for my date by the time I went to reserve it. For the afternoon, you have a choice of brunch/lunch/sitdown or buffet style.

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            Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I think I have some leg work to check out some new ideas.

          2. You could check out the Davenport Press in Mineola, they have a private room. Also look into Mims in Roslyn. The Ivy Cottage in Williston Park is very nice but small, and might not be able to accommodate your party. Fiore's in Floral Park is wonderful.