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Apr 13, 2009 03:13 PM

Canned green bean ideas?

My husband and I are celebrating our five year anniversary on Saturday, and I'm cooking dinner. I'll be making chateaubriand with a red wine reduction, and a cognac cream sauce, with mashed potatoes, possibly with garlic or gorgonzola. Problem is, green beans are about the only vegetable we can agree on, and he prefers canned to fresh or frozen. Outside of green bean casserole, what can I do to make them taste less like, well, canned green beans? I want to keep them reasonably healthy, and keep the flavor fairly neutral, so as not to compete with the other dishes. The only thing I've come up with is to do something with onions or maybe mushrooms...duh, right? And are any brands less squishy and tin-flavored than others? Thanks!

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  1. hi theferlyone. my bf has the same problem. thing is i love canned green beans and this is how i jazz 'em up (and i think it may go well with your steak, too). Dice up some red bell pepper, mushroom and onions; sautee them in butter for flavor. i add squash sometimes, too. pour in a litlte white wine and let it reduce. add the can of green beans with the juice and a few tablespoons of worcestershire sauce and a few dashes of tabasco sauce.

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      I don't like canned beans but, hey, ya gotta go with it sometimes, right? What about if she didn't add the juice which is probably just water anyway I'm guessing. Maybe a little broth?

    2. I discard the water from the green beans. Saute some onion and garlic in butter, add some chopped sundried tomatoes and/or roasted peppers from a jar, some lemon juice and a little water. Not bad.

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        I'm with bayoucook, but would have to pick dill, basil or chile piquin (tiny amount) in addition

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          My dad would notice the lemon and never eat the sundried and roasted peppers. My Dad is ultimate picky.

        2. My dad likes canned, I like fresh. I make mine in my cast iron, I saute a little garlic, 1 strips of bacon, diced and onion and cook until slightly soft, just a few minutes, then and add the fresh cut beans. I cut them the same so they look like canned. Add some broth, s/p and 1 teaspoon cider vinegar and let simmer for 40 minutes. They taste like canned but 10x better. Very soft and that canned texture, but great taste. But any of the ones above are great ways to jazz of canned ones as well. I make these for my dad all the time.

          1. Try canned Romano beans - the "other green bean." They're the flat wide ones that taste much like regular green beans but are often less soft than regular ones after canning.
            Use a strip of bacon diced, then saute some onion and a little garlic in the drippings. Cut the onion into slightly larger than regular pieces. Add a tiny bit , maybe a teaspoon or slightly less of tomato paste and a can of Romano beans with some of the liquid from the can.

            1. My mom had two ways of preparing regular-cut canned green beans: she'd either fry some chopped bacon and onion and then add the beans, with their liquid, or else she'd just heat them up with a little salt and pepper. Method A resulted in beans I loved; method B beans were to my taste simply ghastly, since they had that "canned" taste that I've always hated. French-cut canned beans, though, were mostly drained, then put into a shallow baker, masked with a cheese sauce and done in the oven, a dish she forever mispronounced as Green Beans Aw Grotten. I loved that, too.