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Apr 13, 2009 03:12 PM

ISO lemon layer cake recipe

I've been searching and searching for a lemon cake that has a good amount of lemon flavor- a new white chocolate buttercream recipe I came across would be just divine with the right lemon cake. I don't want a bundt, tube, or pound cake- unless the recipe would lend itself well to being baked in rounds and stacked. Moist, tart, lemony layers- 'hounds, please help!

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  1. I love the lemon layer cake with lemon curd recipe from Bon Appetit. The cake itself isn't made with lemon but you pour a lemon simple syrup over it. It's decadent. The mascarpone frosting is wonderful but a white chocolate buttercream would be good, too.

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      Thanks chowser- this recipe was actually quite helpful- I wasn't sure if a lemon syrup soaked into my cake layers would work well if I was also adding frosting, but it may do this trick with my current recipe. I also like the idea of layering the lemon curd in addition to the frosting!

      1. re: sweet ginger

        It would be fine with frosting. It isn't mushy at all, just moist. The layered lemon curd is great. I've also added lemon curd to the frosting itself. A lot of options!

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          Great! Mushiness was my main concern with the soaking in addition to frosting.

    2. Not a layer cake (don't you love when CHers answer anything but the question!) - this weekend I made a rolled sponge cake with lemon juice and zest and filled it with lemon curd and whipped cream. I cut it in half and topped one piece with a chocolate glaze. Both cakes were very well received, rich, and lemony. Happy to provide more info.