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Apr 13, 2009 03:05 PM

Recommendations - Houston

I'm in Houston this week and would love to solict recommendations for the best locally owned and operated dining establishments. My accomodations are in NW Houston FM1960 / 249 - however for the real deal I am mroe than ready to do some driving.

I love all types of food - from hamburgers to sushi - so let me know the "must try" places.



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  1. Travel & Leisure Magazine listed these 4 Houston restaurants on their list of the 50 best new US restaurants:
    Reef, Voice, Feast and Textile. Those aren't in the area you are going to be in but worth the drive. Feast recently got a nice write up in the NY Times as well. There are a lot of good locally owned places, but not sure exactly where to steer you. The ones I have mentioned are more high end, although Feast has some very reasonable deals, and is the only one I have actually eaten at, truth be told. I really like Charivari, which is a European restaurant run by a Transylvanian chef. They have great lunch special, which have 2 courses for $9.99 and 3 courses for $15.50. All of these place have websites. I also like Catalan on Washington Ave. You can search this board to see other recommendations. There is a lot to be found right here. Hope this helps some.


    1. I suggest Rainbow Lodge. Nice atmosphere, great for game. Definitely worth checking out. Dress nice and expect to pay $50 or less.

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        The barbecue inn for sure old school place beyond description great fried shrimp hamburgers fried chicken chicken fried steak etc Crosstimbers at yale.