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Apr 13, 2009 02:50 PM

Rock N Joe Coffeehouse and Bistro

Passed by during my travels. Looks like this will be opening soon in Point Pleasant (Rt 35 at Ocean Ave) On the right hand side before entering Bayhead. Let us know how this is if anyone sees it open and stops in. Looks like a chain - have not been to any other locations in NJ. Coffee - Sandwiches - Dessert.

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  1. The grand opening of this place is the first weekend in May.

      1. They are now open. This is a franchise. Cross between Hard Rock Cafe and Starbucks. Nothing special to report - some sandwiches, some sweets.
        Not a chowhound kinda place.

        1. Been to the one in Cranford once. Decent coffee, decent sandwiches, shoddy service.

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            The service and food are 10x better then going to starbucks. Prices are ok as well. Very rock feel, loved the setting and music.

            1. re: dani0622

              two previous posters have it correct...nothing special, servers oblivious