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Apr 13, 2009 02:34 PM

another visit..another request.

We have tried the following restaurants over the years:
-Nobu (tasting menu)
-L'atelier (tasting menu)
-RM at Mandalay Bay (the seafood restaurant)
-Burger Bar
-Lotus of Siam
-Fleur de Lys (tasting menu)

We loved all of them...but we want something different.
Here is our wish list:
-another tasting menu
-another seafood restaurant
-another ethnic restaurant.

We arent crazy about "formal" stuff restaurants i.e steak houses,
We would go back to lotus of siam in a second but we are only two people and how much can ya eat? Las Vegas chowhounders ever have a "chowmeet" - here in toronto, someone organizes chowmeets every once in a while.

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions.

Chowhounder from Toronto

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  1. For very good ethnic, try Ricon de Buenos Aires is Spring Mountain Road between Decatur and Lindell on the north side of street across from Southwest Gas. Excellent food from Argentina, casual atmosphere and not very expensive.

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    1. re: Eric

      I had a wonderful tasting experience at Social House. There is not a "tasting" on the menu, I just asked the waiter to have the chef put one together. IT was AMAZING. And be sure to have a dessert tasting as well!

    2. Actually one of the great things about living in Las Vegas is the number of visitors that we get (albeit a shrinking count these days), which makes for a lot of "chowmeets" with Chowhounders from the far corners.

      Based on your past visits and preferences, you might want to consider Bar Charlie (Palazzo). The Kaiseki menu adds a nice flair to usual tasting menu's, and the willingness of Hiro and his helpers to talk about the inspiration behind each dish and some of the techniques involved can make for a fun evening. Our only caveat might be to avoid the full alcohol pairing menu; as terrific as many of the combinations are, when we went that route it was exhausting for our taste buds. So recent trips have focused on finding a few wines that could match multiple courses, and playing it that way. And for seafood it is a good time of the year to put Bartolotta on the list; the outdoor tables on a warm spring evening make for a nice setting. A tasting menu is available but done a little differently, with the courses brought out "family style", usually through four cycles - appetizers/salads; pasta's; whole fish (or other meat if preferred); and dessert. That makes for a more relaxed evening than some of the one-at-a-time tasting menus.

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        If you are willing to go off the strip, Paymon's is great for middle eastern/mediterranean food. There are 2 on Flamingo and Maryland Pkway (fairly close to the strip) and one on Sahara and Durango. India Oven is over by LOS if you are in the mood for Indian. The tasting menu at Michael Mina in the Bellagio is very good...and it's a seafood restaurant, so it meets 2 of your requirements! I was a little disappointed with the dessert offerings, but the lobster pot pie is oh so yummy.

        1. re: tear it up

          bar definetly on the list.
          Bartolotta...might be on the list too. LOL.
          Willing to go off the strip for something really good and really different...any other suggestions are welcome.