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Apr 13, 2009 02:32 PM

turkey jerky/pepperoni in Toronto?

per the subject, i'd also be open to chicken products. simply, I'm looking for turkey jerky/pepperoni products in toronto. can certainly include websites that ship to Canada (I have not found many on google, other than ebay?!?).

i know that jack's links and pepperettes from schneider's and whoever makes those "turkey nibblers" are available at grocery stores, which are okay. i used to find these little packages of dry and hard turkey pepperettes at st. lawrence market, but it's been a while since they had them. that texture would be my preference. thanks in advance!!!!

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  1. I buy turkey pepperoni all the time. Pillers or Grimms both have a large package for about $12.00, available at Costco, but I have also even bought it at No frills.

    1. You might want to try the elk pepperettes sold by Second Wind Elk at the Saturday St. Lawrence Market (North). Dry and hard and delicious. And very lean.

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        I found 2 people in Toronto and 2 in Barrie. One in Toronto isnt "dry" pepperoni, but it isnt like that Pillers nonsense. It isnt bad. The other guy is great (no vacuum sealed pack). Ditto for Barrie.

        Let me know if you are still looking.