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Mexican Street Food - Breed St. and E. Cesar Chavez - Anyone been recently?

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the last time i went out to nosh at the mexican food faire located at the intersection of breed and cesar chavez was over a year ago. just wondering if anyone has been back recently and can provide feedback.

i am looking toto head out there again in early may and wanted to make sure the event is still going on fri-sun evenings with the sidewalk and parking lot packed with food vendors.


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  1. I went a few weekends ago. Still in effect. Pretty tasty. Although for the distance (if you live on the westside) for the food quality I would be just as happy going to Grand Central Market downtown.

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      thanks for the confirmation that they are still up and running. woohoo!

      1. re: wilafur

        They are still up, killin', and there is always a new surprize to be had.Vendors that pop up out of the blue.

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    2. Yup, was there this last Saturday and they were still there. Though the police kinda broke it up around 9:30 or so. Though it was only on the block North of Cesar Chavez (reading exilekiss' last yrs post, there was also a south section on 1st, but I didn't see it on either of my visits this yr). I pretty much stick to Nina's; everything I've had there has been great. The huitlacoche sope was heavenly. Though, I have been disappointed, in that both times I tried to order a Pambazo, they said they were out. Still really curious on this sandwich variation...

      1. do you hounds think 6pm is too early to arrive on a sat?

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          Things get started at 7PM,that's when Nina's arrives and sets up.

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            much appreciated.