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Apr 13, 2009 01:49 PM

Mexican Street Food - Breed St. and E. Cesar Chavez - Anyone been recently?

the last time i went out to nosh at the mexican food faire located at the intersection of breed and cesar chavez was over a year ago. just wondering if anyone has been back recently and can provide feedback.

i am looking toto head out there again in early may and wanted to make sure the event is still going on fri-sun evenings with the sidewalk and parking lot packed with food vendors.


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  1. I went a few weekends ago. Still in effect. Pretty tasty. Although for the distance (if you live on the westside) for the food quality I would be just as happy going to Grand Central Market downtown.

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    1. re: assassin

      thanks for the confirmation that they are still up and running. woohoo!

      1. re: wilafur

        They are still up, killin', and there is always a new surprize to be had.Vendors that pop up out of the blue.

    2. Yup, was there this last Saturday and they were still there. Though the police kinda broke it up around 9:30 or so. Though it was only on the block North of Cesar Chavez (reading exilekiss' last yrs post, there was also a south section on 1st, but I didn't see it on either of my visits this yr). I pretty much stick to Nina's; everything I've had there has been great. The huitlacoche sope was heavenly. Though, I have been disappointed, in that both times I tried to order a Pambazo, they said they were out. Still really curious on this sandwich variation...

      1. do you hounds think 6pm is too early to arrive on a sat?

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        1. re: wilafur

          Things get started at 7PM,that's when Nina's arrives and sets up.