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Apr 13, 2009 01:45 PM

Lunch at Ubuntu this week... Recs Please!

Having lunch at Ubuntu at the end of the week.. What is not to be missed, and what should be missed?!!

Thanks for your help!

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  1. They don't publish their lunch menu on-line but I am pretty sure they offer very similar items on their dinner menu.

    The bites of castelvetrano olives, lavender marcona almonds & CHICK PEA fries are wonderful but if you're only going to order one, the chick pea fries are a must.

    The asparagus with virtual egg is amazing if it's one the menu. The set of their carta musica is usually impressive and it is delicious. I would order one pizza. Of their signature dishes I found the cauliflower to be really delicious. It's hard to pick as each dish I found to be beautifully composed with flavors that were spot-on. The only thing I would not order again is the gnocchetti as it was too sweet for my palate.

    Do not pass up desserts they are all remarkable. ..we had them all when I went and they were the perfect ending to a remarkable meal and a level of deliciousness to an already amazingly delicious meal.

    1. Have a drink and an appetizer or two and let your eyes do the choosing. See what dishes going by look the most amazing. I've had good luck ordering that way.

      I second the carta musica. This sounds like it is nothing on the menu, but is just amazing.

      I liked the cauliflower a lot but was never blown away by it, but it is their signature dish and the one that blows most people away, so worth ordering to see what everyone is talking about.

      Also, definately get the burrata. The menu for 4/6 is showing it with a sicilian-style BORAGE & NETTLE condimento

      They do nice things with asparagus, so consider those dishes.

      With Ubuntu, unlike most restaurants, the fussier the better. My opinion on most places is that the more the chef plays with a dish, the more flavor gets sucked out. The opposite is true at Ubuntu. They draw new flavors out by playing with the food. So for dessert, I'd order the one that sounds the most complicated ... or the one passing by that looks the best.

      1. Bites - I loved all of the bites (and actually took my lavender almonds home to nibble on for the next couple of days), but the chickpea fries are pretty amazing.

        I would definitely recommend the beets with avocado. That was the dish that made me love Ubuntu - it's almost revelationary that beets can taste that good. If they're still doing the artichokes with miso and olive caramel, that's another amazing dish. It's the one plate that I felt the portion was small, but it's just packed with flavor. I had the asparagus last week, and felt it wasn't as impressive as the other two.

        The burrata with borage and nettle was good.

        In the carbs/comfort food category, the cauliflower is a signature and is delicious. I agree with pastryqueen that the carrot gnocchetti is a little sweet, but it is a fun dish that is vaguely evocative of kraft mac & cheese in presentation (but it's not on my "must order again" list). The fennel pasta was also fantastic. The grits were good, and the mushroom chips were delicious (an I don't like mushrooms).

        The only dish I've had that I don't like is the strawberry/burrata pizza - I love roasted strawberries with balsamic, but the pizza was a little too out there for me.

        Desserts - by all means get dessert. They're all amazing. I genuinely don't think you can go wrong.

        Geez, what a long post with very little useful information! I've had all but 4 dishes on the current menu and everything except the strawberry was fantastic. You should be pretty safe ordering whatever sounds good!


        1. Definitely try the white pizza if it's on the menu, and if they ask if you want an egg on top, say YES!