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Apr 13, 2009 01:42 PM

Late night wine/coffee shop?

I'm looking for an alternative to 6th street for a night on the town with a girlfriend. I was thinking about Vino Vino, Cru or something similar - but just learned she's 6 weeks pregnant, so the wine bar is out.

Any other suggestions for a Saturday night out on the town where we can sit, eat, drink, listen to music and catch up?

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  1. Just now saw this. Where did you find? Hula Hut might have been a good choice to sit outside and enjoy the evening.

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    1. re: amykragan

      I second the Hula Hut idea. When I was pregnant their virgin pina coladas made me very happy.

    2. I like Dolce Vita in Hyde Park. Nice laid back vibe, and a real italian style coffe shop with gelato,and liquers, and a few sandwiches. Open late and nice warm and dim lighting.

      1. She's arriving this Friday... Dolce Vita was at the top of my list since we can walk there, but Hula Hut (or Mozarts) is a great alternative too. I'll give her the options and see what strikes her fancy. :-)

        1. Ended up at Dolce Vita. Nice sorbet, chai tea, dj spinning outside - it was great. There was a steady stream of business there from 9 - 11pm on Saturday night. I'll have to try some other desserts next time... and perhaps stop in for lunch too. The staff was polite, helpful and accomodating.