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Apr 13, 2009 12:55 PM

Upstairs at Bouley - what to order?

I'm having dinner at Upstairs at Bouley tonight, and I'm looking for some recommendations for what to order, especially considering the eclectic nature of the menu. I pretty much like everything, so any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    1. re: lanadai

      Really? Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. I've heard good things about the burger - anything else?

      1. re: mcm1900

        I like the burger and had this pasta dish with sardines that was really tasty. The fish dishes are pretty good, very simple. I only tried Uni nigiri there, the rice was really mushy and the uni was way too briny, it's not worth it for the price.

        1. re: lanadai

          Firstly I beg to differ. The sushi , although limited assortment is fresh and high quality. The main sushi chef was the executive chef of all the Hatsuhanas and knows sushi very well. The 2nd chef, is great at kaiseki. I would recommend the japanese style foie gras, the black cod, the eel w/ uni in an aspic gel, and any other cooked dish made at the sushi area. In the other part of the restaurant, The scallops are my favorite. The burgers are liked by many , for me its too bloody. The halibut is excellent, the chops are very good. Stay away from the italian dishes. The desserts are good , The sake and wines are good.

    2. I haven't gone wrong w/anything I've ordered. Seafood is great--scallops, halibut. Chicken liver app was very good, as were the salads. Desserts are great. While I found the sushi good when I ordered it (a couple years ago), it was somewhat overpriced, so I wouldn't order it again.

      1. Their fish dishes are generally quite good, particularly their line-caught cod. I agree with foodwhisperer that the sushi actually ain't bad at all, though I rarely mix sushi with other dishes so I usually order their western appetizers and entrees.

        I do like their burger, and desserts are pretty good as well.

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        1. re: kobetobiko

          tje Japanese part of Upstairs will be moving this year to the old Delphi location. I think they will be really awesome working with a bigger kitchen, all japanese staff. They will then have a much bigger kaiseki type menu. They are very familiar with the dishes at Kitano hotel and Kyo Ya ( formerly from kitano),
          Kobe you should try the japanese cooked dishes and prepared dishes some are exceptional.

          1. re: foodwhisperer

            I have tried them at Upstairs, and I agree that they are quite good. It's just that I usually go to Upstairs not with the mindset of having Japanese food (and I think there are better places) so I tend to stick with the Western food.

            Of course if you are close to the neighborhood and want Japanese, Upstairs is a good option.

            1. re: kobetobiko

              Upstairs definitely is the best Japanese in Tribeca. Some of their dishes are on par with Kyo ya. I like that you can order food from the American kitchen and eat it at the sushi bar along with the japanese food. Although soon that wont be an option , when Upstairs Japanese moves across the street , with a big sushi bar, big kitchen and ll japanese staff.

        2. This place is amazing. I live around the corner and just about everything I've tried has been worth going back for. Grilled Calamari salad is perfect for those who like calamari but don't enjoy fried foods..... Mushroom salad app and chicken entree also nice.

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          1. re: amourlinds

            I love upstairs at bouley -- it's my favorite in the neighborhood for casual and delicious food. My husband the sushi snob gets a few pieces of sushi every time just to satisfy his craving without my having to commit to a fully raw meal. It's better or on par with the sushi we've had at nobu.

            My favorites are the tofu, cod, and chicken liver. My husband loves the calamari salad and the raw fish salads. Least successful dishes for me include the chicken sandwich with worcestershire sauce and any of the italian dishes. Desserts are hit or miss, but the tea and coffee are both very good!

            1. re: mcporkbun

              I agree on the italian food , its not too good. I stick to the japanese, and the scallops.