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Apr 13, 2009 12:44 PM

San Antonio Riverwalk, Is there anything good that is not Tex-Mex or Mexican??

I am visiting San Antonio next week for a conference and will not have a car but would like to try some great places. I really want something different other than Mexican or Tex-Mex. Any suggestions?? I am really interested in anything else especially Asian and seafood.


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  1. Paesanos for Italian/Mediterranean
    Biga for eclectic cuisine
    Little Rhein for nice steak, chops, and fish.
    The Fig Tree, elegant classic American cuisine.
    Boudros Texas Bistro

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    1. re: kingofkings

      I'll second Boudros. It gets a little crowded if you want to eat outside and people watch, but the food is always delicious. Not the cheapest place, but by far not the most expensive on the river-walk. The seafood always tastes fresh and you can't beat the table-side guacamole.

    2. These look great, any chance for sushi??

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      1. re: fullogirl

        No worthwhile sushi "on" the Riverwalk that I am aware of. However, no one has mentioned Pesca for seafood. It's right on the river, or, from street-level, you have to go through the Watermark Hotel. Excellent, very fresh, chef-driven seafood menu. A bit pricy, but worth it.

        Of the others mentioned, I think Kingofkings has supplied the best alternate suggestions. The fish and chips places, while good for what they are, are no different than any other British pub style places and are really more pub than restaurant.

        Good luck, and enjoy San Antonio!

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          What about Sushi Zushi - Downtown??

      2. It may be too late to get in, but Le Reve is excellent (and expensive).

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          Almost forgot, Sandbar, which is part of Le Reve has excellent seafood.

          1. Pesca is a bit pricey, but good seafood. However, I think Boudros Texas Bistro is awesome! Great food and interesting presentation.

            1. Sandbar definately if you love seafood (not on the river-don't let the seedy surroundings distract you, not inexpensive but worth it). If you're not averse to a 3-5 block stroll south on Alamo I'd also highly recomend Oloroso(mediterranean), Azuca(latin fusion), and LaFritte (belgian bistro)