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Apr 13, 2009 12:39 PM

at which store can i find frozen crawfish tails? nova

I've tried a couple of International markets looking for crawfish tails. No luck! None of the general supermarkets have them. I'm in Alexandria.. any help is appreciated

Will travel for crawfish tails! :) i want to make some crawfish ettoufe

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  1. Try Slavin's, just off 395 at Glebe (turn right). Their catalog lists live crawfish so I guess their little store in front probably has what you want. Crawfish are often available at the DC Waterfront but I only recall seeing whole, cooked ones there.

    1. Balducci's in Old Town has them, saw them there this past weekend. Unsure of origin. I've only had them once (not from here, brought to me by a relative from Louisiana) and was not pleased, they don't take to being frozen.

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        Wegman's usually has them. 1 pound package for appx $9

        1. re: Moonpie

          Wegmans usually has them. If you don't see them out ask for them. Often they're "in the back".

          1. re: beauxgoris

            the problem is that these are typically chinese tails--less flavorful than the original.

            1. re: MTP

              I've had Chinese bugs that were very flavorful. Problem is, not sure what was used to raise them, the pollution in the water, the ingredients they add are they FDA approved...etc. If they can put stuff in milk to poison their kids, think of what they would do to the other stuff.

      2. you've seen the current thread on louisiana cooking? it mentions a big ol' crawfish feast in may, fyi.

        1. Not quite crawfish, but Trader Joe's has frozen langoustine tails. They're about the same size. Sorry it's not exactly what you're looking for but it might work in a pinch!

          1. I am pretty sure that the Harris Teeter on Duke Street in Alexandria has them in the case near their seafood counter.

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