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Apr 13, 2009 12:36 PM

6 Dozen Eggs and a Quart of Heavy Cream

When my DH went to the Restaurant Depot on Saturday with a list that included eggs, I never dreamed that he would return with a crate --71/2 dozen! Well, we never colored Easter eggs and we went through only about a dozen cooking Easter dinner, and we have about 6 dozen left plus the extra quart of cream he was sure we would need. Aside from angel food cake, creme caramel and fritatas, any thoughts on how to use these up?

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  1. Maybe you have some neighbors you hate? Nothing like a little adolescent egging.

    Anyway, the good thing is that you have some time on your hands. Eggs don't go bad very quickly as long as they are refrigerated. If you're into pasta you can make homemade pasta and freeze it.

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      Madellines and Clafouti,Eggs Benedict or Florentine, Egg Salad, Pickled Eggs (pink ones) I have a recipe for a basic pasta dough that calls for 8 large egg yolks,baked French toast with croissants, Braided Egg and Butter loaf or Brioche, Southwestern Strata with Sausage, shrimp egg foo yung...

    2. have you got an ice cream maker? you can use up lots of eggs like that.

      fried egg sandwiches.

      clafouti? souffle? waffles? lemon curd?

      i love eggs. truly.

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        Lemon curd and fried egg sandwiches... I wish I had 6 dozen eggs to use up!

      2. Quiche. One for every month remaining in the year, I would think. They freeze beautifully and quickly come back to room temperature.

        Do a search for 60'd-themed parties and serve TONS of deviled eggs.

        Year-long eggnog. The instructions are on He makes it one Christmas, but doesn't drink it until the next. He includes some stories about 5-yr eggnog, but even he hasn't gone that long.

        And then there is always your local food bank, if the sight of eggs starts to make you weep.

        1. Egg bread
          Pasta with a carbonarra sauce
          Egg custard
          Fritattas absolutely
          Quiche along the same lines as above
          I just posted a great egg dressing for salad just 1 egg, but 1 down 6 1/2 doz to go, lol
          Pizza with a bechemel sauce, scrambled eggs, fresh spinach, mozz and bacon
          Poached over hash
          Poached over a nice grilled steak

          And tons of sweets which I make but not that often.

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            Speaking of quiche.. Vegetarian Times had a recipe this month for a tomato and feta quiche in a phyllo crust. It looked delicious, and I can't wait to try it after Passover. it would definitely use up some of your eggs, but I don't think it would freeze well.

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              That sounds very good. Anything with tomato for me is good.