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Jun 27, 2004 01:44 PM

Vietnamese in Long Beach?

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Anybody know of some good pho/bun places in Long Beach? I do eat in Little Saigon a lot as it is on the way home from work but, I'd like to find some places a little closer to home.


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  1. Haven't tried it but I know there's one on Anahiem near the corner of Redondo.

    1. Just east of the northeast corner of Anaheim and Long Beach, there's a yellow strip mall and a Pho place at the eastern-most end of it.
      I haven't gone, yet, so I can't say yea or nay.

      1. sophies on anahiem makes the best pho ive had in lb(mabey little saigon too), theyre not viet. but they put fried garlic in the broth. so good. pho hahn down anahiem around LB blvd is good. that spot on anahiem/redondo isnt that hot.

        1. Pho Thanh Lich has a location in Long Beach now.

          1036 E Anaheim St
          Long Beach, CA 90813
          (562) 432-3133
          8am-7pm everyday