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Apr 13, 2009 11:44 AM

Getaway to Big Sur: old faves or something new?

Leaving tomorrow for 2 nights in Big Sur. Reservations @ Ripplewood--first time there! I have their breakfast/lunch menu--sounds fine! Is their breakfast better than Big Sur Inn? Obviously different atmosphere, but how's the food?
Dinner: gorgeous view & wine list @ Nepenthe, but what is there other than steak? Big Sur Inn?
Lunch: picnic OR terrace @ Ventana or try Post Ranch for more $$ but new experience? Or Nepenthe?
Please rally 'round, Hounds, with tips! This is a very special trip for us--we've been visiting Big Sur for 30 years. Help us have a sense of discovery food-wise? Great grocery items/local bakeries, etc--we want to have fun with just a little sense of discovery!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Lunch at Sierra Mar at Post Ranch Inn

      Nighttime midnight sulfur baths at esalen

      I think Sikes is still closed for hiking...

      but take a rugged car and drive behind the bixby bridge... it is a 13 mile drive to Andrew Molera beach through the most beautiful country you will ever see in your life. But you need a rugged car. or rental (ha ha)

      Or take a turn past Oyster Point (and drive past it... seriously.... awful) and take a left on Palo Colorado and see a magical community that goes back into the hills. It ends at a trailhead and some good hiking.

      I could go on forever. =)

      1. If you want a fantastic hgher end meal I fully concur with pavlov and you should head over to Sierra Mar at the Post Ranch Inn.

        1. I would have lunch at Nepenthe or Post Ranch because of the view. I think the main restaurant at Ventana is still closed due to revamping. The smaller one, the Bistro, is open. You might call to confirm this. Deetjen's had gotten good reviews on Trip Advisor. I haven't been there, but the site looks very interesting. There isn't a view, so might be a good dinner spot. Maybe dinner there and a stop on the way "home" at Nepenthe for a Port and their very good cheese plate around the huge fireplace.
          We always have the Ambrosia burger at Nepenthe...yes, it's $14.!!

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            Hi We'll be in Big Sur later this month. We're planning on Sierra Mar for an early dinner or lunch (can't miss that view) since Cielo at Ventana is closed. Has anyone been to the bistro at Ventana? Does it have a view?

          2. I would have lunch at Sierra Mar at the Post Ranch Inn and dinner at the Big Sur Bakery..
            Have fun!