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Apr 13, 2009 11:43 AM

DC ladies weekend from NYC

Hi everyone - I used to live in DC and moved to NYC several years ago, so have lost touch with DC pulse. I have business in DC next week and am making a weekend of it in DC bringing a few friends from NYC (who are from cali) who have NEVER been to the nation's capital. I have heard good things about Granville Moore - when I used live in DC I really enjoyed that little bar/restaurant on 14th street in logan circle that had the airplane theme? cannot think of it...but am not sure how to get best of DC without just showing these ladies Ben's Chili Bowl and the big hunt...We aren't looking for anything very fancy. I love the idea of a fabulous ethiopian since DC does it so well...and we have such limited time (I'm putting them on a duck tour to see some sites. But would love dinner/lunch ideas. Brunch I already have Tabard Inn on my list. Ideally for dinner, restaurants near bars etc. Thanks so MUCH!

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  1. I would suggest Cork, Marvins (both in the 14th and U Street area). Proof, Rasika or Brasserie Becks in the Penn Quarter/Downtown area. A nice dinner at Black Salt in the Palisades.

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    1. re: Bood

      I love Granville Moore's!! THE BEST moules & frites... ever.
      Bood has some great suggestions- my personal favorite out of those mentioned is Proof.
      Matchbox is also a lot of fun for a casual dinner-great mini burgers!
      Also, Market Lunch (Sat only) is fun & delicious for breakfast. They stop serving at noon so get their early-there is usually a line. Tabard Inn is another good idea for brunch. Enjoy!

      1. re: chicken kabob

        CK: You are always recommending Granville stating it has the best moules and frites. Is this based on your one experience or on return visits too?

    2. I think the "airplane theme" you're thinking of is Cafe St. Ex, further north than Logan Circle, but still sounds right -- I think it's at about S St, very near Black Cat. They have another place, a few buildings down 14th, Bar Pilar, that might be perfect for your group, it's small plates with seasonal ingredients (great for sharing and trying a variety), and wonderful drinks.

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        Yes, cafe st ex! exactly...thank you. I was wrong - it is on S street...We will check out cafe pilar - many thanks.

      2. I would second Bar Pilar, I had a great dinner there recently and found it to be a much better value than Cork. Although Cork definitely has a better wine selection, I would not return there.

        For Ethiopian, I think Etete is best.

        And if you're in the Smithsonian area, check out lunch at the Mitsitam Cafeteria in the Native American Museum. It's really amazing, there are many posts on it.

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        1. re: hamster

          I am a little baffled as to why everyone loves Etete. I went there last night and I thought the portions were skimpy, the service clueless, and everything was cold. I am still looking for an Ethiopian that rocks my world...

          1. re: jcmauburkina

            I've had some great meals at Etete, featuring fresh and vibrant flavors, but there should be no reason for everything to be cold. Sounds like they are getting sloppy?

            Have you tried Queen Makeda across the street?

            1. re: Steve

              I wouldn't call it sloppy based off of one review. Every restaurant has an off night.

              I was there about a month ago and I thought the food was great--well seasoned, warm etc. Service wasn't engaging necasassarily but that was ok because I was catching up with a cousin I hadn't seen in a couple of years.

              Maybe give it another try?